Destiny 2: How to Get Thunderlord (Exotic machine gun)


The Thunderbolt is an exotic machine gun in Destiny 2, added in the Rejected expansion. This arc weapon is incredibly fun to use and great for crowd control. Despite the fact that it is not as effective as other variants in the Heavy slot, the Thunderbolt can still cause significant damage to bosses. In season 18, Arc 3.0 subclasses will be introduced, and this machine gun can go well with new fragments and aspects. Thunderer is the world’s prey in Destiny 2, but it wasn’t always like that.

Initially, players had to complete a series of steps before they were rewarded with the coveted exotics. The quest was split into three weeks, and it could be obtained from Amanda Holiday in the Tower in Destiny 2. She forced the Guardians to collect legendary engrams and defeat bosses in certain lost sectors. In the final quest, the Guardians were teleported to the Spaceport via a teleportation platform in the EMZ, and they had to defeat the Fallen Boss. Thunderlord was the first machine gun added to Destiny 2 and marked the return of the weapon archetype.

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Exotics are a fun way to enhance gameplay, and often they have features unique to a particular weapon. The Lord of Thunder has the inner trait of Reign Havoc, causing kills to generate lightning strikes at the target’s location. Exotic also has Perk Lightning Rounds, which allows the weapon to fire faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held. In addition, prolonged damage causes lightning to hit targets. Thunderer can be considered a machine-gun version of the Exotic Sniper Rifle Powerful Strike Destiny 2. Both weapons strike with lightning and perfectly cope with the crowd. Unlike Cloudstrike, Thunderlord does not require Guardians to deliver precise strikes to activate its effects.

How to Get the Thunderer in Destiny 2

This exotic machine gun drops out in the world in Destiny 2. This means that there is a random chance that an exotic engram will turn into a Thunderbolt. These rare items appear as a result of any activity in the game, but there are game modes in which the probability of falling out is increased. Sentinels with a battle group can undergo Twilight Raids with a low chance of finding an exotic engram, and the chances increase at higher difficulty levels. In addition, every weekend in Destiny 2, players can buy certain weapons and armor from Zur. You can also buy one exotic engram, as a reward for which you will receive a random piece of equipment. Fortunately, the weapons that have yet to be obtained will have priority first. This means that the Guardians have a guaranteed chance of eventually getting a Thunderbolt after a certain number of exotic engrams.

Ark hasn’t had time to prove himself in Destiny 2 yet. Season 18 will change that by introducing new redesigned subclasses. The Guardians are left to ponder the potential of Arc 3.0. Thunderlord remains one of the best machine guns in the game. Even if Arc 3.0 does not increase the effectiveness of weapons, using this exotic is one of the most fun adventures that Guardians can get when passing content.


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