Destiny 2: How to Get a Shotgun without Remorse (God Rolls)


“Without Remorse” is a brand new shotgun in Destiny 2, which is part of the “Ghost Weapon” set in season 17. “No Remorse” is a lightweight shotgun on a solar frame that has some fantastic perk combinations, but the options for the best throws are more limited than the perks available. With luck, players will be able to get better throws for the new shotgun, which can be used in both PvE and PvP.

While some players may be looking for a random God roll, players can craft weapons in Destiny 2, Season 17. Players can unlock the “No Remorse” pattern when they complete and extract resources from the five Deepsight Resonance options. In fact, all the weapons included in the “Ghostly” and “Luxurious” sets can be made in Destiny 2. Although obtaining a recipe for making can be a difficult task, the “Without Remorse” variation can be obtained from the same sources as the standard one.

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The two most common ways to get “No Remorse” are to perform the actions “Containment of Level III Nightmares” and “Break” on board the Abandoned Leviathan. As soon as a sufficient number of improvements are applied to the Crown of Sorrow, players will be able to focus Shadow Engrams directly in the shotgun for both the standard option and the Deep Vision option. Finally, players can find Luxury Keys in Destiny 2 to open Calus’ chests around the huge ship to possibly get any option.

The Best Bonuses without remorse in Destiny 2: Season Of The Haunted

Lightweight frame shotguns are extremely popular in PvP and PvE due to the increased handling and movement speed applied to their owners. For PvP, all Guardians should look for “Without Regret”, which has a “Rifled Barrel” and “Accurate Cartridges” in the first and second columns. Shotgun PvE throws offer a bit more versatility, but as long as players avoid smoothbore weapons, an extended magazine, and the right ammo, they should be fine. However, the best PvE magazine bonuses are Assault Mag and Tactical Mag. Where “No Remorse” really shines is in the perk options it has for the third and fourth columns, which may contribute to an increase in its use during Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted.

1. Grip from the hip/Fragile focus. This combination of perks is ideal for PvP guards who can shoot first, helping to maximize the range of action “Without Regret” when shooting from the hip. Hip-Fire Grip/Vorpal Weapon is a great combination for action in both PvE and PvP.3. Rounded/Sparkling — ideal for PvE activities when using one of the new Solar 3.0 builds in Destiny 2.