Destiny 2: How to Get a Free Set for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary


During the Destiny 2 demo, Bungie had a lot of announcements that players were very excited about. In addition to the long-awaited expansion of Lightfall Disclosure (which is expected to be released on February 28, 2023), Bungie also introduced the 18th season in Destiny 2, along with a re-raid of Kingsfall, which is released on Friday.

But that’s not all; during the demo, it was confirmed that Destiny 2 and all its add-ons will arrive in the Epic Games Store immediately. As an incentive to attract new customers to the Bungee platform, the 30th Anniversary Pack Bungee is offered for free.

For players unfamiliar with this downloadable destiny content, the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack contains an exclusive dungeon with a unique set of weapons and armor for the chase, a quest to unlock the infamous exotic rocket launcher known as Gjallarhorn, several sets of armor jewelry and an exotic item. Sparrow.

How to get a set for the 30th anniversary of Bungee

If players don’t have the Epic Games launcher installed, this is the first thing they should do. Apart from creating an Epic Games account (if they don’t already have one), of course.

Then players will need to open the launcher and go to the store where Fate 2 is indicated. Click the “Get” button and the base game will be added to the player collection.

One important step to keep in mind is that in order to really get the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, players must also download the game to officially qualify for it. After it has been claimed, players can keep it for themselves.

However, players should be aware that this offer is limited in time. Bungie’s 30th Anniversary package is only available for one week, after which it will cease to be free for players who missed the offer. One important detail should be remembered: This offer does not include the extensions Keeper of Shadows, Beyond the Light or Witch Queen. Players wishing to experience this content will have to purchase them separately, but they are currently on sale in the Epic Games store.

Is it possible to use this offer on other platforms?

Unfortunately, players hoping that this offer will be available on other platforms, such as steam or PSN, are out of luck. As mentioned above, this promotional offer applies only to the Epic Games Store and nowhere else.

Destiny 2 is already available on the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.


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