Destiny 2: How to Complete The Bound in Sorrow Week 5 Quests


The fifth week of the “Ghosts” season in Destiny 2 has arrived, which means that you have to complete the next step in the quest chain “Bound by Sorrow”. The story began with the Guardians investigating Leviathan after his long absence. Players quickly discovered that everything is not the same as before, as the ship is teeming with Nightmares. Eris performs a bonding ritual with Commander Zavala and Crow, and both are haunted by their own nightmares. In each story segment, the Guardians try to break Kalus’ connection with the darkness. The fifth week begins with the participation of Karel in the Ritual of Breaking Eris aboard the Abandoned Leviathan.

Raven’s struggle with his personal Nightmare, Uldren Sov, was the focus of the first two weeks. To complete the first Breakup Ritual, Raven needed to come to terms with his past mistakes and learn how to make the most of his new life. Commander Zavala participated in the next part, completing the fourth week of Destiny 2’s Bound in Sorrow. He had to face his wife Safia’s Nightmare as she brought his tragic past back to the forefront of his mind. Now Kayatl reports that she is being pursued by the Dominus Gole, but she did not participate in the Binding Ritual.

In the fifth week, the Guardians should return to the Underbelly of Leviathan. First, they will need to talk to Eris in the Crown of Sorrow. And again, it is necessary to create a Connected Presence by performing a third-level Nightmare Containment Ritual and spending 500 Remnants of horror. The guardians will be informed of an urgent message to HELM, in which Cayatl will tell about the Nightmare of Dominus Goul.

The end of the fifth week of sorrow in Destiny 2

The Empress is convinced that she can handle the situation on her own, but Eris is worried about her safety, since Kayatl did not participate in the ritual. The Guardians travel to the abandoned Leviathan in Destiny 2, gaining access to the Sever-Rage action. The mission itself is similar to previous versions, but this time the coalition allies will help defeat the Calusa loyalists. The Empress is waiting at the end, but Cayatl does not want the Guardian to interfere in her mental battle against the Dominus Goul. However, she ultimately fails without the help of Eris’ Breakup Ritual. After that, the players discuss Calus’ connection with darkness with Eris on the moon. She instructs the Guardians to complete the Lost Sector of K1 Revelation and defeat the Nightmare inside. Following the quest marker will lead to an Indestructible Abyss in search of clues near the Pyramid. Finally, the players should go back to HELM and talk to Eris again.

The story of Bound in Sorrow heats up with the revelation of Calus’ goal, but there are still many mysteries to be solved. Destiny 2’s Eris is sure to have new plans for the coming weeks, and the Guardians should be ready for that. Players need to remain vigilant if they want to help Kayatlu defeat the Nightmare of Dominus Gole.