Destiny 2: How to Complete The Bound in Sorrow Week 3 Quests


The third week of the Ghost Season in Destiny 2 is in full swing, and this is the next step in the Bound in Sorrow quest line. In the first part of the story, the Keepers saw the return of Leviathan after a long absence. The ship has been defiled by darkness and is now filled with Nightmares. Eris, Crowe, Commander Zavala and Keitl have begun to investigate the mysterious connection between Emperor Kalus and the Pyramid. The season is very similar to the Shadowkeep expansion and includes Crowe, Zavala and Keitl, each of whom faces their own nightmares.

Players are tasked with infiltrating deeper parts of the Abandoned Leviathan at the command of Eris. After installing a certain number of Ritual Amplifiers around the ship, the Nightmare begins to take shape. The first two weeks were devoted to conducting a breakup ritual with the Crow from Destiny 2 in order to weaken Kalus’ connection with the Pyramid. The guardians had to complete the “Shame” and “Reconciliation” missions before the ceremony was completed. Now that the Raven’s story is over, it’s time for Zavala to face her Nightmare.

To begin the third week of the Bound in Sorrow quest chain, players must go to HELM and talk to Eris in Crown of Sorrows. Similar to the Crow Ritual, the Guardians are tasked with performing third-level Nightmare Containment Rituals and gathering a Connected Presence. 500 Horror Residue must also be collected and bound at the end of the task. Every week, at the first binding of the Remains, a Tethered Presence is guaranteed. At the next stage, players choose the “Gap” task on the Moon and begin the “Grief” task.

How to Pass Sever – Grief in Destiny 2

As in the case of Glycon, where the story of the dead from Destiny 2 was obtained, this part of the ship is full of twists and turns. Upon arrival, the Guards encounter an impassable electric field. Immediately turning right, players will pass through a narrow corridor leading to the first place where a ritual booster can be installed. Further down the corridor, you need to shoot at the Egregore plant before continuing. Then the guards will find a wrench that can stop the electric current.

However, there is no Egregore plant within reach, which makes it impossible to go back the same way. By examining the door leading to electricity, players will be able to see a path that can be climbed to scale the area. After some balancing on the pipes, the Guardians in Destiny 2 will be able to turn off the electric field. From here, the rest of the mission is pretty straightforward. After meeting the Blockage, players will need to defeat the last boss before returning to the Tower.

After landing, the Guards should talk to the commander and discuss the details of the ritual. The final stage of the Bound in Sorrow quest line in the third week includes a conversation with Eris at the helm. As stated earlier, the players are tasked with continuing to suppress the Nightmare threat until next week.