Destiny 2: Haunted Season, Week 6, Trials


The sixth week of the “Ghosts” season has begun in Destiny 2, and with it the next set of seasonal tests, for which you can get a lot of experience, bright dust and even more illusions of darkness. In addition, those who completed the weekly Grief-Bound tasks will be able to begin the next phase, in which the Guardians will continue to help Kayatl resist her Dominus Ghoul Nightmare. In addition, there are a lot of fun cosmetic items available in the Eververse store for Bright Dust, such as a new decoration for the Traveller’s Chosen Sidearm pistol and a rock band emotion.

As in the fifth week of Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted, in the sixth week the Guardians will have to complete a total of seven new challenges. However, this week you are waiting for three fictions of darkness that can be earned: two in weekly challenges and one in the next step of the quest “Bound by Sorrow”. As the final weeks of seasonal challenges continue to be given out, players will also see goals that reward Challenger XP+++, allowing them to earn huge amounts of XP for challenges that are relatively easy to complete.

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The sixth week is also the last week before the Twilight Raids of the Grandmasters in Destiny 2, so players must perform actions that will earn them Pinnacle rewards as they prepare for the intense action of the final part of the game. Each Pinnacle reward will help to significantly increase the player’s strength level, bringing him closer to the required level of 1585 required to start the action. Be sure to complete the tasks of the Crucible, Vanguard and Gambit in Destiny 2 to receive Pinnacle rewards for each of them, as well as for other actions scattered throughout the system.

The sixth week of trials in Destiny 2, season 17

Sorrow Bound VI (Challenger XP+): Complete Bound in Sorrow VI and complete the lost sectors throughout the system. Sparking Rage (Fictions of Darkness and Challenger XP+): Complete “Sever – Rage” using only subclass Arc and Arc, Kinetic or Stasis. Weapon. Remnants of Horror II (Challenger XP+): Throughout the “Ghosts” season, collect “Remnants of Horror” and collect bundles of materials on the abandoned Leviathan.Glean Cut (Fictions of Darkness and Challenger XP++): Defeat fighters with a glaive or a sword in the final. Strike at the Abandoned Leviathan and defeat the powerful Cabal in any activity of the North. Supreme Armorer (Challenger XP+ and Bright Dust): masterwork on a piece of armor. Absolutely awesome (Challenger XP+++ and Bright Dust): stun 50 champions. Bright dust): get a Crucible decoration for a chain machine gun.