Destiny 2 Ghost Season Frees Characters from Injuries and Covers New Stories


Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted is a great addition to the game and a fantastic release that continues the story of The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen, with the former often praised as one of the best additions in the history of the game. Despite the fact that the season “Ghosts” has its drawbacks, it perfectly helps to make the Destiny 2 universe bigger thanks to the return of the abandoned Leviathan and the former Emperor Kalus, and at the same time makes the characters feel less in a good light. way. The main characters of the “Season of Ghosts” are Eris Morn, the Crow, the commander of the Blockage and the Empress Kayatl, and all of them are burdened with injuries for various reasons.

Raven struggled with the discovery of his past life at the hands of Savatun, Zavala has been grieving for centuries over the loss of his beloved and son, and Kaiatla is tormented by the Nightmare of Goul, who was the main antagonist. campaigns of the Red War. In fact, Leviathan’s return to the Moon is due to the expansion of Shadowkeep for Destiny 2 and the presence of Nightmares on the lunar surface, which manifested itself in the Pyramid ship found on Earth’s satellite. Fortunately, Nightmares are gradually turning into positive energy for the characters involved, freeing them from trauma, as well as opening up new opportunities for future stories.

How the Crow Heals from the Trauma of Savatun’s Revelations

The Season of Ghosts began with the Raven being visited by the Nightmare of Uldren the Owl, the man he was before being resurrected as a Guardian. Raven has been a key character in various seasons since the release of Beyond Light, and since then he has tried to help others and be a good person, despite his fears and obsessions. In the “Season of the Resurrected” in Destiny 2, Raven was at his worst after accidentally killing one of the Kaiatl Psions and forcing Lord Saladin to intervene to save him from death, at the cost of the Iron Lord becoming a consultant to the Kaiatl Military Council.

In the season “Ghosts”, Raven deals with the shame of his actions and those of Uldren, and the latter’s Nightmare declares that they are deeply similar and that the Crow will never lead to anything good. However, Crowe finally accepts Uldren as a part of himself, realizing that you can’t always correct your mistakes, but instead you should grow up and grow up so that you never make them again. The fact that Crowe understands that he and Uldren will always have something in common, even if it doesn’t mean that they are completely similar, is what finally makes the former realize that he can still be a good person, acknowledging the trauma inflicted on him and doing his best. this is a springboard into the future.

How Zavala copes with grief and his inexorable role as the commander of the Vanguard

Similarly, Commander Zavala is haunted by the Nightmare of Safia, a mysterious woman who, as it later turns out, was the former lover of the Awakened Vanguard, who died hundreds of years before the current events of Destiny 2. Zavala admits to the confrontation with Safia. that he is in great pain after the loss of her and their son Hakim, and he believes that he is sending good people to die in the name of the silent Pilgrim god. This moment is especially painful after Zavala’s reaction to the Traveler giving Savatun and her Radiant Brood Light in the events of the Witch Queen, where his faith was deeply shaken.

The trauma of grief and loss is deeply ingrained in Zavala, to the point that it is difficult for him to even speak after talking to Safia’s Nightmare, because he admits that he cannot even remember the sound of their son’s voice, no matter how hard he tries. Despite the fact that the Commander overcomes the grief of his family, in the end, he still feels that the Guardians live too long and that the human mind is not designed to live for millennia. Destiny 2 would be very different without the Blockage, and while the Commander is here to stay, the fact that he’s still shaken up may be reflected in future seasons or add-ons when humanity will have to face even more serious threats like Witness.

How can a Cayatl find the strength to let go of his demons

The last character who has yet to face his Nightmare is Kayatl, the fierce empress of Kabala, who survived the fall of Torobatl and came to power after the expulsion of her own father Kalus and ascended to the throne when Goul fell in the Red War. . It is very indicative of her temperament that the mission of Kaiatl “North” in the season of “Ghosts” will be called “Rage”, but it makes sense, given that she admired Goul before he set himself the task of connecting humanity with the Wanderer for himself, condemning himself to death. Meanwhile, the Cabal.