Destiny 2 fans are very happy with the Le Monarque change


Since the appearance of the champions, Bungie has been gradually changing the Destiny 2 exotic arsenal so that it is effective against the Overload, Barrier and Unstoppable champions without the need for mods. In the latest sandbox update, there will be a lot of buffs for exotic characters, such as Abuse, Thunderer and Wish Fulfillment, to make them more viable in endgame activities, where champions are a common headache. However, it’s an update to the exotic Le Monarque bow that has the gaming community buzzing online in anticipation of the next update.

Destiny 2 is currently nearing the end of its current season with the Ghost Season, in which Calus and Leviathan returned when the former Emperor Cabal’s ship orbited Earth’s moon. The Guardians were assigned to investigate the ship to find out about Calus’ intentions regarding the inactive lunar pyramid, along with Eris Morn, Crow, Commander Zavala and Empress Cabal Cayatl. The narrative of the season reached its climax before the Solstice, when the players were finally able to break the link between Leviathan and the Pyramid, but not before Kalus was able to fully surrender to the Witness and become his new herald.

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Since the season is almost over, Bungie is starting to give players an idea of what will happen in the sandbox update of the 18th season on August 23. One of the upcoming changes, as mentioned above, is the built-in Overload perk for Le Monarque poison arrows. which make the bow viable in the endgame against Overload champions. The news of the change turned out to be long-awaited among the Destiny 2 community, as many players turned to the game’s official subreddit to share their excitement about the change.

IT FINALLY COMES from destiny 2

We did it, fights, Overload champions are no more in Destiny2

Finally, overload the bow for good. from fate 2

The reason for players’ excitement about Le Monarque getting a built-in Overload perk dates back to the 4th year of Destiny 2, where the Overload onion perk was available in Season of the Chosen and Season of the Lost. In both seasons, the exotic energy bows Le Monarque, Ticuu’s Divination and Trinity Ghoul were the norm in the arsenals of most players, as they could do a lot of damage to the Overload champions, did not require several shots to trigger the overload shot and were generally good. for additional control due to their respective scope perks.

Le Monarque in particular has been a consistently popular exotic due to its relative ease of use and the large number of enemies using void shields in endgame activities such as Grandmaster Nightfalls.

However, as mentioned above, Le Monarque is not the only exotic that has received a built—in champion perk buff in season 18. Thunderer, Attacker and Wish Fulfillment will also receive internal buffs in the sandbox update, which will make the weapon viable against Overload, Unstoppable. and Barrier champions respectively.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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