Destiny 2: Exotic Armor, Weapons and Xur Recommendations for September 2


The Fall of the King took center stage last weekend when the classic raid finally returned to Destiny 2. Players participating in the world’s first race found that the classic version is very familiar, and many Destiny 2 players compared both versions of King’s Fall. Interestingly, there are certain fans who actually prefer the classic version, believing that the Destiny 2 version of King’s Fall has lost some of the creepy atmosphere due to the greater use of color and lighting.

Anyway, fans have found a lot of new loot, including redesigned legendary weapons such as Zaouli’s Bane hand cannon, Smite of Merain pulse rifle and the exotic Touch of Malice reconnaissance rifle. Those who managed to beat the odds and get their hands on a reimagined Destiny exotic may have also discovered that the catalyst can be unlocked by finding a row of plates and submerging four balls of light, a practice that celebrates the classic Destiny Easter egg.

Along with the influx of new weapons, players can also visit the exotic weekend trader Zur, who is coming to Destiny 2 again. Follow this guide to find out his whereabouts over the last weekend, news about his Exotic Cipher quest, and an overview of all the exotic and legendary gear he brought for the weekend of September 2, 2022.

Where is Zur?

This weekend, players will be able to track down the Bison in the European Dead Zone in its usual place with a view of the Winding Bay.

Quickly head to the area of the Winding Bay and immediately head to the back, where the Fallen usually patrol. Climb the rocks and find Zur standing on a ledge not far from the crashed ship.

Class armor and exotic cipher

The role of Zur still offers the usual weekly quests, exotics and legendary equipment. These quests are necessary not only for the purchase of the second fateful engram, but also for the purchase of outdated exotic equipment in the kiosk of the Tower. Players can earn a new cipher by performing strikes and winning matches in the crucible or gambit. Get bonus points for playing with fellow clansmen or completing more difficult tasks.

Zur continues to sell even more gear in addition to its usual content. In addition to his usual exotic gear, But now has legendary weapons and armor that can be sold in exchange for legendary shards and shimmer.

Exotic Armor

Contraverse Hold — Warlock’s Glove

Warlocks can get Controversy Hold mittens this week. Traditionally very strong PvP exotics, they are very well combined with the abilities of the grenade of the Wanderer of the Abyss. Chaos Exchanger is a unique ability that provides damage resistance when charging a void grenade using Chaos Accelerator, Feed the Void or Handheld Supernova. In addition, after using the throw and strike, part of the grenade’s energy is returned.

Previously, they were adjusted in the seasonal update “Season of the Worthy”. Although they still work the same way as before, players now have reduced damage protection when holding a supernova and the time during which it can be held. This week, warlocks get the highest rating, although only 63, which is not as many as exotic lovers have seen over the past couple of weeks.

Improved Emptiness. Statistics values:

Mobility +12 Endurance +12 Recovery +8 Discipline +12 Intelligence +6 Strength +13

The shadow of the dragon is a hunter’s breastplate.

The “Shadow of the Dragon” breastplate, which was last seen in 2020, has gone on sale again for hunters. As a neutral exotic of the subclass, the Shadow of the Dragon is directly related to the Hunter’s evasion mechanics, since his internal perk, Wraithmetal Mail, reloads all weapons and increases the movement speed and controllability of the weapon for a short time after performing evasion.

Unfortunately, the throw could have been better, since technically it is the lowest of the three and is only 60. While it can’t replace some of the best options, Dragon Shadow has some value due to the fact that it basically gives players Accuracy. Dodge for free. In essence, this allows the user to equip the Gambler’s Dodge class ability and simultaneously receive a free weapon recharge and a faster melee recharge.

Improved Emptiness. Statistics values:

Mobility +14 Stamina +18 Recovery +2 Discipline +12 Intelligence +2 Strength +12

Lion’s Rampant — armor for the legs of a Titan.

Titans who need a little mobility and stability when making difficult jumps will like these jet boots. Similar to the St0mp-EEZ for hunters, the Lion Rampant comes with a Jump Jets perk that provides additional maneuverability in the air and allows accurate fire from the hip while players are in the air during the climb. In fact, these boosts will help make Lifting Titans jump twice as long.

Naturally, these boots are great for more platform-based activities, usually involving dungeons or raids. Other than that, the player’s mileage will vary as they don’t offer significant combat boost like other exotic Titans. The roll is also fine, nothing special, so you can skip it this week.


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