Destiny 2: Exotic Armor, Weapons and Xur Recommendations for June 17


In the middle of the 4th week, it seems that most Destiny 2 players are used to the normal rhythm of finding the equipment they need. Fortunately, the current Season of Ghosts has introduced a lot of new legendary weapons that can not only be farmed, but also created after Deepsight templates are extracted. Fans’ favorite weapons like the Austringer hand cannon and the Beloved sniper rifle are also making a comeback, especially with some perks that may be associated with them.

Along with the overhaul of the Solar 3.0 subclass, players are still finding optimal builds and gear, especially when trying to synergize with some exotic items. Unfortunately for the Hunters, a dispute broke out earlier this month when Bungie made changes to the text description of the Caliban’s Hand exotic gloves instead of changing the behavior of the item to match the original description, as many fans had hoped.

At the moment, weekend trader Zur is back in Destiny 2 again. Follow this guide to find out his most recent location on the weekend, news about his quest with an exotic cipher, as well as an overview of all the exotic and legendary equipment he brought for the weekend of June. 17, 2022.

Where is Zur?

This weekend, players will be able to find Zur on Ness, dangling from his usual massive tree branch.

From the Director, go to Nessus and load into the Observer’s Grave. Run to the back of the area where the massive tree is located. Jump up until the players find a huge branch where the merchant is hanging out.​​​​​​​​

Class armor and exotic cipher

The role of Zur still offers the usual weekly quests, exotics and legendary equipment. These quests are necessary not only for the purchase of the second fateful engram, but also for the purchase of outdated exotic equipment in the kiosk of the Tower. Players can earn a new cipher by performing strikes and winning matches in the crucible or gambit. Get bonus points for playing with fellow clansmen or completing more difficult tasks.

Zur continues to sell even more gear in addition to its usual content. In addition to his usual exotic gear, Zur now has legendary weapons and armor to sell in exchange for legendary shards and Shimmer.

Exotic Armor

Vesper of Radius is a warlock’s breastplate.

This weekend, the once problematic Vesper of Radius will appear in the warehouse. This is a neutral exotic subclass that enhances the Warlock’s “Gorge” ability. The Planetary Stream releases an arc shockwave when the rift is first used and recharges it faster if the player is surrounded by enemies.

Even after this item was enhanced last year, it is still not top-notch, although some players have managed to get the most out of it with a few tricks. There is nothing wrong with the statistics this week, especially the Recovery and Intelligence should be noted.

Improved arc. Statistics values:

Mobility +7 Stamina +9 Recovery +16 Discipline +2 Intelligence +18 Strength +9

Gemini Jester – Hunter’s Leg Armor

Most recently, a few months ago, Gemini Jester appeared on sale again. The internal “Wrong Direction” perk causes nearby enemies to become disoriented and temporarily disables their radar after the Hunter evades them.

Although these are not top-level exotics, they can be interesting to use in PvP against other players. The range of his “Wrong Direction” effect is greater than many people think, and can very easily confuse other players who are not ready for it or perhaps even on the other side of the wall. Keep in mind that this perk can also be a hindrance, as it activates the “One-Eyed Titan Mask” “Revenge” perk. While this week’s statistics roll is interesting, giving high scores for mobility, stamina and discipline, players may not want to sacrifice other stats such as recovery. In any case, it is not necessary to take it.

Improved arc. Statistics values:

Mobility +18 Stamina +14 Recovery +2 Discipline +16 Intelligence +2 Strength +13

Aeon Safe – Titanium Mittens

Although it was easy to pass in past years, the Aeon Cult exotic item set has been redesigned to make them more valuable and give everyone more role-playing mechanics. Although they are still not top-level equipment, they are much more useful than they were, even being valuable in complex actions such as Twilight Raids.

Instead of a unique perk, this armor now has special Aeon mods that can be equipped. Sect of Force is designed to deal damage, temporarily increasing the player’s reload speed and the speed of changing weapons after quick accurate hits. Destroying a champion or boss also gives the closest members of the firing group an explosion of grenades and melee energy. Sect of Vigor gives the player class energy when teammates die, and then receives full class energy after rebirth. When neighboring players use their super, allies get a rush of healing. Finally, the Sect of Insight has a chance to reset the sphere of power after being destroyed by precision weapons. When using the finisher on an elite enemy, special ammunition drops out. Instead, when using the finisher, heavy ammunition drops out on the boss or miniboss.