Destiny 2: Exotic Armor, Weapons and Xur Recommendations for August 26


It is clear that it was quite a big week for the Destiny 2 community. Not only did the Season of Plunder begin, which gave the popular online shooter a new season in the theme of space pirates, but also the long-awaited Destiny 2 demonstration took place. In it, fans saw for the first time a cinematic trailer for the Lightfall expansion, as well as a lot of new details, including a location on Neptune and a mysterious green subclass known as the Strand.

In addition to a huge amount of new content and details about what’s coming to Destiny 2 over the next 6 months, Bungie has also shared a few other announcements. Firstly, Destiny 2 is now available in the Epic Games Store, and those players who download it there will receive the 30th Anniversary Pack for free. To celebrate this event, Destiny 2 is teaming up with Fortnite and Fall Guys to work together on unique cosmetics that will be available in all three games.

Along with Season of Plunder, the exotic weekend trader Xur makes its first appearance for Destiny 2 players. Follow this guide to find out about his most recent weekend location, news about his exotic cipher quest, and an overview of all the exotic and legendary gear he brought for the weekend of August 26, 2022.

Where is Zur?

This weekend, players will need to go to the Tower hangar to find Zur with a view of the snow-capped mountains.

From the default landing zone, immediately go left and follow the path down to the hangar. After entering the hangar, go left again past Arakh Jalaal and his “Dead Orbit” team and climb the metal stairs. Zur stands on a metal platform at the end of this room and looks at the mountain ranges below.

Class armor and exotic cipher

The role of Zur still offers the usual weekly quests, exotics and legendary equipment. These quests are necessary not only for the purchase of the second fateful engram, but also for the purchase of outdated exotic equipment in the kiosk of the Tower. Players can earn a new cipher by performing strikes and winning matches in the crucible or gambit. Get bonus points for playing with your clan mates or completing more difficult tasks.

Zur continues to sell even more gear in addition to its usual content. In addition to his usual exotic gear, Zur now has legendary weapons and armor to sell in exchange for legendary shards and Shimmer.

Exotic Armor

Aeon Soul – Warlock’s Glove

Originally considered part of the worst exotics in the game, Bungie redesigned the Aeon Cult set to make it more viable. Although they are still not top-level equipment, they are much more useful than they were, even being valuable in complex actions such as Twilight Raids.

Instead of a unique perk, this armor now has special Aeon mods that can be equipped. Sect of Force is designed to deal damage, temporarily increasing the player’s reload speed and the speed of changing weapons after quick accurate hits. Destroying a champion or boss also gives the closest members of the battle group an explosion of grenades and melee energy. Sect of Vigor gives the player class energy when teammates die, and then receives full class energy after rebirth. When neighboring players use their super, allies get a rush of healing. Finally, the Sect of Insight has a chance to reset the sphere of power after being destroyed by precision weapons. When using the finisher, special ammunition drops out on an elite enemy. Instead, when using the finisher, heavy ammunition drops on the boss or miniboss.

Improved arc. Statistics values:

Mobility +9 Stamina +4 Recovery +19 Discipline +2 Intelligence +14 Strength +13

The harness of the Raiju is a hunter’s breastplate.

With Zur, it is rare to see the exotic Arcstrider, Harness Raiju. In fact, last fall, this exotic found itself in a quandary when Bungie disabled it due to a bug that allowed them to use Whirlwind Guard almost indefinitely. Although the exotic has since been fixed, it has remained a largely underused exotic as it is not as good as the other options. His exotic ability is known as the Mobius Conductor, which does not consume super-energy when defending with the Arc Staff, and also allows Hunters to stop super-early to save energy.

Unfortunately, this roll is the lowest of the three, as well as a very low recovery rate. However, with the Arc 3.0 redesign, it might be worth taking a look at it as it is directly related to the Arc super staff.

Improved arc. Statistics values:

Mobility +15 Stamina +12 Recovery +2 Discipline +9 Intelligence +12 Strength +8

Eternal Warrior – Titan Helmet

He’s back for another week! In terms of gameplay, Eternal Warrior specifically targets Striker Titans, as its built-in Resolute perk gives the player an extra shield after activating Fists of Havoc. Although it’s a cool looking exotic item, its ability isn’t really as effective as the others available to Titans. A super shield is always useful, but it is unlikely to change the situation in any significant way.


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