Destiny 2: Exotic Armor, Weapons and Xur Recommendations for August 12


Destiny 2 continues to advance towards the end of the current season, giving fans less than two weeks to complete the challenges, win, and eventually unlock the Seal and the Reaper title. Excitement remains high due to August 23, when Bungie holds a special demo event to reveal a ton of Destiny 2 news, including a look at the next major expansion, known as Lightfall. Naturally, Arc 3.0 and the next season will also be presented as launching on the same day.

Meanwhile, Bungie is slowly lifting the veil over the upcoming season and what fans can expect. Although the story remains a secret, a blog post this week details a lot of changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox, including updates to weapon types and exotics. In fact, many exotic weapons have been given anti-champion traits to diversify the capabilities of players when performing more complex missions. Le Monarque, Thunderlord, Malfeasance and others will be new options available when facing champion enemies.

Until then, weekend trader Zur is back in Destiny 2 again. Follow this guide to find out his most recent location on the weekend, news about his quest with an exotic cipher, as well as an overview of all the exotic and legendary equipment he brought for the August weekend. 12, 2022.

Where is Zur?

This weekend, Destiny 2 players will be able to find Zur again in the Tower hangar.

From the default landing zone, immediately go left and follow the path down to the hangar. After entering the hangar, go left again past Arakh Jalaal and his “Dead Orbit” team and climb the metal stairs. Zur stands on a metal platform at the end of this room and looks at the mountain ranges below.

Class armor and exotic cipher

The role of Zur still offers the usual weekly quests, exotics and legendary equipment. These quests are necessary not only for the purchase of the second fateful engram, but also for the purchase of outdated exotic equipment in the kiosk of the Tower. Players can earn a new cipher by performing strikes and winning matches in the crucible or gambit. Get bonus points for playing with your clan mates or completing more difficult tasks.

Zur continues to sell even more gear in addition to its usual content. In addition to his usual exotic gear, Zur now has legendary weapons and armor to sell in exchange for legendary shards and Shimmer.

Exotic Armor

Phoenix Protocol – Warlock’s Breastplate

Given that special attention is paid to the subclasses of the Solar System this season, it’s time for Phoenix Protocol to return to Xur. Battle-Hearth gives the Warlocks of the Blade of Dawn a return of super-energy for any kills or help they commit while standing inside the Well of Radiance.

Even though this is the best roll out of three this week, the distribution of stats is not the best for a Warlock. Resilience, Recovery and, to a lesser extent, Discipline are extremely low. While resilience and recovery are desirable in the current meta, players will have to really use mods to make up for the shortfall. Ultimately, it might be better to just wait and skip this week.

Solar gain. Statistics values:

Mobility +24 Stamina +2 Recovery +3 Discipline +2 Intelligence +16 Strength +16

Tricksleeves Mechanic – Hunter’s Mittens

Tricksleeves mechanics are back in stock for hunters. They are designed specifically for users of personal weapons, among which there are many viable options, such as Trespasser, Cryosthesia, Devil’s Ruin, Forerunner and others. His exotic perk is called Spring-Loaded Mounting, which increases the effectiveness of the weapon, especially when the user is injured.

Ultimately, it’s hard to call this exotic a must, given that pistols are still not at the top of the meta, and there are much better exotics for hunters. Moreover, the bonus from this item is activated only when the player is threatened by the red part of his health, and is disabled when it is recharged back to the white one. Unfortunately, this week’s stats roll is also below 60, and with some low values such as resilience, players can opt out of it this week.

Solar gain. Statistics values:

Mobility +18 Stamina +2 Recovery +9 Discipline +12 Intelligence +16 Strength +2

Antaeus Wards — Titanium Leg Armor

Antey’s amulets are mobility, which is combined with interesting, albeit somewhat complex mechanics. The Reflective Vents internal perk improves the player’s glide, and also reflects incoming projectiles while sliding, although last year it was weakened to remove the super-energy gain when reflecting.

The ability may require a small adjustment period to shorten the time, but once the mechanics are figured out, these boots will become extremely valuable. Players can not only deflect bullets, but also superpowers such as Blade Barrage and Nova Bomb. And again this week, Titan’s exotic roll is very low, approaching 60. Thus, it is a safe exotic that can be missed, mainly due to a bad throw.

Improved Emptiness. Statistics values:

Mobility +13 Stability +2 Rec


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