Destiny 2 disables pre-order of Lightfall Exotic in Raids and Dungeons


Destiny 2 players are preparing for the next important chapter of the popular multiplayer game. Lightfall will introduce a new story, new gear and new cosmetics, and has already added an exotic automatic rifle called Quicksilver Storm to Destiny 2. But not everything in the Destiny ecosystem is going smoothly, as evidenced by the removal of Bungie Quicksilver Storm from raids. and dungeons because of a mistake.

Quicksilver Storm can be obtained by pre-ordering Lightfall. The weapon fires homing missiles at targets when players hit more than one enemy. This can be incredibly useful for PvE encounters, so unfortunately the automatic rifle has been disabled in dungeons and raids.

In a recent tweet, Bungie’s help service notes that the Quicksilver Storm rifle is unavailable in raids due to an unknown problem. Many players rushed into the comments wondering why the gun was removed from some of Destiny’s most popular actions. Some claimed that the weapon was disabled because it caused huge damage and made the gameplay unfair. Although Bungie hasn’t confirmed anything yet, gamers will have to wait patiently until the issues are fixed and hope it doesn’t point to future Destiny 2: Lightfall content.

Quicksilver Storm is just a small part of the content that will appear in the next Destiny expansion. Lightfall plays on Destiny nostalgia with a new take on classic locations, iconic enemies, and the culminating next stage in the Guardians’ story. The DLC follows the Witch Queen, who introduced one of the best Destiny campaigns and boss fights in recent years. Although the problem with Quicksilver Storm is annoying, the footage from the Lightfall campaign looks fascinating. Regardless of the exoticism, Destiny fans expect a high-quality plot from the additions, especially after several wonderful moments of the campaign.

However, Lightfall is changing, offering more than just a new story. New buffs for Destiny 2 battle groups, a unique subclass and seasonal content will appear in the game with the next major update. An additional location will also be added and, as always, a new raid. In short, although Destiny has some problems right now, players have something to count on. Indeed, since the game’s launch, Bungie has steadily improved gameplay and content to create an epic experience for its dedicated fan community.

Destiny 2 is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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