Destiny 2 Developers Discuss Upcoming Strand Subclass, Adding Grappling Hook Mechanics


Bungie’s recent Destiny 2 Lightfall demo definitely caught the attention of veterans with new discoveries such as Neptune City’s cyberpunk, the Strand subclass, and enemies such as Tormentors, and also attracted the attention of new and/or departed players, revealing content such as Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and the Witch Queen will be free for a limited time. time. The showcase was certainly an all-round dive, but many fans craved more.

PC Gamer recently spoke with Bungie’s game director Joe Blackburn and Assistant General Manager Dan McAuliffe on various topics, including the decline and problems of supporting such a game, the Cloud Striders house in Neomun, and much more. Perhaps the biggest theme was to dive a little deeper into the upcoming Strand subclass, especially its grappling hook mechanics.

With the Strand subclass in Destiny 2, Hunters will be able to wield a rope dart, Warlocks will be able to summon creatures, and Titans will wield giant claws, but with the different colors associated with the subclasses in the game, PC Gamer asked if the creation of subclasses began to feel limitations. However, Blackburn suggests that Bungie has an abundance of ideas for new subclasses, and that the Strand came about because of a desire to do something very blockbuster: “It really started to crystallize when we saw rope darts, whips and strange things grafted onto people. hands.”

It is also known that the Strand subclass will allow players to create hooks out of thin air, as Strand manipulates life and death out of nothing, and this is an exciting feature. There are several games that could not be improved with a hook. As a movement and combat tool, Blackburn expects “people to use high-level PVE capture,” noting that players can dunk an object in an area filled with enemies under the cover of a smoke bomb as one of the interesting tactics. And it is known that this Strand hook will in no way be limited to Neomuna, and this makes McAuliffe nervous and nervous at the same time: “This is nervous excitement. We want to push the boundaries of freedom and choice.”

Its inclusion in the game will allow players to return to the old Destiny 2 content and explore it in a new way, or even allow less experienced players to go through locations that were previously difficult to reach. McAuliffe also admits that players will look for ways to break the game with such movement mechanics, but believes that the team will be able to fix the most serious problems before launch (and probably quickly when/if new ones are discovered). He also states that the trade—off for this—”the cool moments of feeling like a superhero when you grab, animate a teammate and get away from dodging”-will be worth it.

Blackburn also stated that the grappling hook got the green light the moment the team saw it, simply because it was cool. And it seems that the reception of the Strand subclass in Destiny 2 and the inclusion of this mechanic echoes the same opinion.

Destiny 2 is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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