Destiny 2 Beyond the Light reveals the new Stasis subclass


Destiny 2: Beyond the Light will introduce a new subclass. Called Stasis, it will allow Guardians to master the power of ice. More in September.

Bungie took advantage of the stage at Opening Night Live Gamescom 2020 to show the new subclass in motion. With Stasis as the main element, all three types of Guardians will receive it from the launch of Beyond the Light, the new expansion for Destiny 2.

In the trailer that you can see in the header, we are introduced to the first bars of obtaining Stasis. By wielding the new power, we can use the ice to our advantage. From slowing down the enemy with stasis fields to being able to launch a hail shower of icy blades.

As reported on the dedicated website, freezing the hostile forces that inhabit the frozen moon of Europe will cause the enemies to “fall defeated”. “Control the battle by immobilizing your enemies with solid stasis,” they comment.

We will learn more about power starting in September. The roadmap that he will take will be the following:

Sorcerers → September 1

Titans → September 3

Hunters → September 8

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