Destiny 2: Beyond the Light gets a new story trailer


Destiny 2 continues to release new content 3 years after launch. Bungie has just released a trailer presenting the history of the new update called Além da Luz, which chronicles the events of the journey to Europe. Check it out below:

Eramis has revolted against the Light and is gathering the fallen to join his purpose where he embraces Darkness and the new icy skill Stasis. The player will be responsible for joining forces with Variks, Exo Stranger, Eris Morn and The Drifter and making a trip to Europe to stop Eramis.

The Destiny 2: Beyond the Light expansion will arrive on November 10 for all platforms, including new generation consoles as soon as they are released.

What are your expectations for Destiny 2: Beyond the Light? Tell us in the comments section!

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