Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, Everything We Know


Beyond the Light, the new expansion for Destiny 2, will arrive on November 10. We collect everything we know about the moon Europa.

Destiny 2 prepares to receive its next step on this journey through the galaxy. Beyond the Light, its third expansion and fifth additional content, will debut on November 10, coinciding with the launch of Xbox Series X | S. But the expansion goes beyond being a handful of unpublished content: it is a firm step to renew its content and offer the best it has given in the last 6 years.

This trip takes second if we unite the two installments of the saga in a single product. September 9, 2014 marked a historic step for the studio: their first post-Halo job. That Destiny served as the basis on which a universe that has managed to maintain itself over time would be molded. Therefore, what is coming in just weeks becomes a momentous date for Bungie fans. Beyond the Light is the beginning of a new Destiny 2.

The content store: optimizing the Destiny universe

Bungie is adamant about the future of the franchise – they want to build a viable future. For this reason, the Destiny Content Store has been built, a repository that will annually renew the content that will be available to players. It includes all the destinations, activities, assaults and raids from the first installment.

The first changes will arrive on the same day as Beyond the Light, November 10. From that day on, you will see Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io, La Villa, and Leviathan disappear from the navigation chart, along with their related events and adventures. Campaigns such as The Red War, Curse of Osiris and The Strategist will be part of this cleanup.

The Nightfall list will no longer be available following Nightfall: The Ordeal. Gambit will merge with Gambit Supreme in a single game mode. The Black Armory Forges (Bergusia, Izanami, Volundr, and Gofannon) will no longer be available, among a host of activities such as The Decision, Augmentation Protocol, The Whisper, and Zero Hour, among others.


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