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With the release of Season of Plunder in Destiny 2, the Arc subclasses finally received the 3.0 update that Solar and Void received in Season of the Haunted and The Witch Queen, respectively. While Warlocks got the short end of the stick with this subclass update, Titans have a host of fun new abilities that can be incorporated into the various builds that are possible with the Arc 3.0 update.

This guide for Arc 3.0 talks about what’s new for Titans, explains Arc keywords, and discusses some popular builds that will turn Destiny 2 players into fast and unstoppable damage-causing machines.

Arc 3.0 Titanium Assembly Guide

Before focusing on builds, it is important for players to know the keywords of the arc. The keywords introduced in Witch Queen with Void 3.0 help players understand what the various buffs and subclass debuffs are doing so that they can be better informed when experimenting with builds.

Just like Solar has its own keywords, Arc has them too. The keywords for Arc 3.0 and what they do are listed below. Memorizing these keywords will be very useful for Destiny 2 players, as they will often see them in modifications, exotic weapons and various abilities in the Arc 3.0 subclass menu.

Blinding (Debuff): Fighters are disoriented and cannot fire their weapons. The HUD of the opposing player has been removed and his view is closed. Shake (debuff): the target is charged with destructive arc light. As they take extra damage during the push, they hit nearby enemies with lightning. Gain (gain): your movement speed and weapon handling are greatly increased. After a short sprint, your movement speed increases even more. Hitting targets quickly with arc damage makes you stronger. Ion trail (buff): a bundle of pure arc energy traveling across the earth in search of its creator. When you raise Ionic Traces, you get the energy of abilities.

What’s New for Titans

As mentioned earlier, the Titans have gained several new abilities for their Arc subclass. The first is a charged melee ability called Thunderclap. For this ability, players pinch the melee button and start charging the attack. Releasing it, the attack releases an Arc energy blast that destroys everything in front of the player.

Titans have also gained a useful new class ability called Thruster, which allows them to quickly dodge to the side, rather than summon a giant wall of light to hide behind it. This new form of mobility can be very useful for Destiny 2 players, especially when they need to increase the distance between themselves and the enemy chasing them. The Titans have also received several new grenade variants, which will be discussed below.

Melee Parameters

In addition to Thunderclap, Titans also have Seismic Strike and Ballistic Slam to choose from when choosing a melee ability. One thing Destiny 2 players should keep in mind is that in order to use these other two melee abilities, they need to escape in advance for a short amount of time. Ballistic Slam also requires players to be in the air before they can activate the ability. So while both of them are very fun to use and can easily destroy a bunch of weak enemies in one hit, they are very situational.

Grenade variants

As with the Solar and Void version 3.0 subclass updates, all Arc subclasses now have access to the same types of grenades. Titans have access to seven different types of grenades to choose from. However, the players won’t have them all right out of the gate. To unlock the rest, Destiny 2 players will need to visit the Spawn in the Tower and buy them from her. Below is a list of grenades and what they do.

Lightning Grenade: Sticks to any surface and emits lightning. Storm Grenade: Causes a focused lightning storm at the place where the grenade landed. Pulse Grenade: Periodically deals damage to targets within the blast radius Flash grenade: Deals damage to targets within the range, and then blinds them. Pass Grenade: splits on impact and creates multiple projects that are looking for targets. Flux Grenade: Attaches to the target and then explodes. Arcbolt Grenade: Sends lightning bolts to nearby targets.

While this gives players plenty of grenade options, it can be further improved for Titans thanks to the arc aspects.

Arc Aspects for Titans

As with Solar and Void, Destiny 2 players will have three Aspects to choose from when setting up their Arc builds as a Titan. The first is a Juggernaut that creates a frontal shield that blocks incoming damage when the player runs.

The energy of the class’s ability will be exhausted as soon as the shield gets enough damage and breaks. The amount of damage that can be absorbed by the shield increases if the players are strengthened.

The second fragment is called “Knockout” and increases melee range and damage for a short time after critically injuring the target or destroying its shield. In addition, hitting targets in close combat will cause health regeneration and strengthen players. The last aspect is called Touch of Thunder and adds additional features to Flashbang, Pulse, Lightning and Storm Grenades.

Fragments and Assemblies

The wide variety of builds of version 3.0 is due to the huge number of fragments available. The number of fragment slots that Destiny 2 players will have access to is determined by which Aspects they have equipped, since different Aspects have from one to two fragment slots. Since there are a lot of snippets available, this guide will focus on those used in really strong Arc 3.0 builds.

When it comes to building with Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2, Titans can do crazy damage. A good example of this is one of the NickTew videos where Seismic Strike can inflict an absurd amount of damage comparable to using superpowers such as Fist of Havoc or Thundercrash. This build requires a combination of an exotic titanium syntoceps and a shotgun with a “One-two Punch” perk. The fragments that are used in this build and what they do are listed below.

Spark of Resistance: Increases strength by 10, increases damage resistance when surrounded by enemies. Spark of Shock: Arc grenades hit enemies with a push. Amplitude Spark: Quickly hitting targets when amplified creates a Sphere of Power Response Spark: Increases Resistance by 10, Taking Melee damage briefly increases outgoing melee damage.

Destiny 2 players should also make sure that their Strength and Durability stats are as high as possible (but not above 100, as this is the limit), as this will allow the Seismic Shock to recharge faster.

All grenades for all time

In addition to super-powered strikes that deal massive damage, players have other options when it comes to their abilities. To be more specific, Destiny 2 players should not sleep on storm grenades.

With the right combination of Aspects, Fragments and mods, this grenade can be turned into a pocket zipper that players throw at their enemies. A good example of such an assembly is shown in one of the Aztecross videos, where Storm Grenade recharges very quickly, tracks down enemies and simultaneously deals a lot of damage.

This particular build is possible with Aspects such as “Thunder Touch” and “Knockout” (which cause the Storm Grenade to track enemies and hit them with lightning). The fragments will be similar to the assembly mentioned above, but the difference is that the Feedback Spark will be replaced with a Spark of Greatness, which extends the duration of the Storm Grenade.

Thus, Storm Grenade will not only last longer, but will also apply the Jolt debuff to stronger enemies that can survive the initial damage, and then turn them into walking lightning bombs that will kill enemies around them simply because of proximity. This is one example of how class abilities and fragments can be very effectively combined with each other.

Don’t Forget About Mods

While having Aspects and Fragments is very important, Destiny 2 players should make sure they don’t forget to equip their armor with mods. As for non-seasonal mods, it is highly recommended to have mods for elemental wells, since their combination with arc damage kills will result in more wells, which means that abilities will recharge much faster than without these wells.

While players don’t need to match all of their weapon’s damage to their subclass, it can help to have more than one if ammo becomes an issue.

Although they will only be available for a few months, seasonal mods can open up a lot of new and interesting build options. For example, Bad Amplitude can apply a Jolt debuff to a champion by simply damaging it with the Arc ability. If it’s an Overload champion and you also have a Surge Detonator mod, players can stun them and make them blow up everything around them. So it won’t hurt Destiny 2 players to experiment and play with mods to see what will work with their build.

Destiny 2 is now available for Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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