Destiny 2 already has a date on PS5 and Xbox Series


Bungie confirms the arrival of the update for the new generation of its popular FPS and details all the improvements, with 4K and 60 FPS in the most powerful.

Destiny 2 in its improved version will be available for both PS5 and Xbox Series X and S on December 8, 2020; This has been confirmed by Bungie through an official statement, also detailing other technical aspects, such as the different graphic and performance improvements depending on the platform or the cross-game between all of them, all through a new update totally free.

Resolutions and next-gen performance

Thus, while Destiny 2 can already be played on the new consoles from the same launch day of each of them (November 10 on Xbox Series and November 19 on PS5) thanks to backward compatibility and with some improvements such as times of Minimum load or some degree of cross-play, it will not be until December 8 when the truly next generation patch is released, with all the improvements that we detail below.

Without going any further, Destiny 2 will offer a 4K resolution and a rate of 60 images per second on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, while on Xbox Series S it will stay at 1080p, also with a stable 60 FPS. In addition, on the three consoles it will have greater drawing distances, ultra-fast loading times and cross-play between platforms, both new and previous generation. This update will be free on all three consoles, on PS5 via patch and on Xbox Series thanks to Smart Delivery.

Of course, intergenerational cross-play will only work in the same ecosystem, so an Xbox Series player will not be able to play with another on PS4, for example. As we said, other improvements will include FOV or Field of View, a feature that can be configured on consoles for the first time, in addition to other optimizations such as higher general game speed, especially in menus and interface, although always depending on the state of the connection to Internet.

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