Destiny 2: All locations of the Kalus Automaton in Server Activity


Throughout In the Season of Ghosts in Destiny 2, the Guardians will need to find the location and listen to every Kalus automaton in the actions of the North. The North is a “Ghost Season” quest in which the Guardians fight the nightmares that haunt some of the game’s main characters, such as Crow, Zavala and Cayatl. There are six different missions that can be completed during the season, and a new stage is released each week along with the Bound in Sorrow quest in Destiny 2. As a rule, seasonal quests are performed together with friends or random battle groups, but what makes the North unique is that each mission can be completed alone. This allows the Guardians to explore the Abandoned Leviathan to find the location of each Kalus automaton during each mission of the North at their own pace.

The automatons of Kalus are attached to the mind of Kalus himself, despite the fact that they are beyond repair. When the Guardian approaches them, they briefly start a conversation while Kalus mysteriously discusses what he learned by embarrassing the Darkness and what the future holds for him. While finding the location of each slot machine is not mandatory to complete the mission and will not interfere with the mission itself, they are required to unlock the Reaper title in Ghost Season, just as Calus’ Pups in Destiny 2 are required for the title as well. Fortunately, all the missions of the North can be repeated at any time if any of the Guards miss the location, but unlike the dummies, Kalus automatons will always respawn and activate every time they are approached in a recurring mission. Be sure to keep an eye on what they say, as this is probably an omen of what will happen in future content.

Just like there are only six different missions of the North, there are only six different locations of Kalus Automaton aboard the Abandoned Leviathan. In addition, despite the fact that the two missions are related to each other, namely “Shame and Reconciliation”, “Grief and Forgiveness” and “Rage and Determination”, only one machine gun can be found in each mission. As new Bound in Sorrow quests are unlocked, Guardians will gain access to this week’s Sever mission, which will allow them to find all Calus Automatons locations. In addition, the Guardians should know that two automatons cannot be in the same place just because the two missions share a common physical environment. For example, the Shame and Reconciliation machines are located in different places, despite the fact that each mission takes place on the same territory of the Abandoned Leviathan in Destiny 2. Once all six are found, players can claim the “Listen, Don’t Listen” triumph and progress. their title is Reaper.

Shame on Kalus Automaton Location in Destiny 2

Calus Automaton’s place in Sever — Shame is the easiest to find out of all six, and it doesn’t require the Guardians to fight anyone from Cabal or Contempt aboard the Abandoned Leviathan. After the start of the “Gap” mission in the first week of “Ghost Season”, place the first ritual booster and destroy the fuses at the other end of the corridor. Once the vent is unlocked, crawl through it until you reach the next corridor. Instead of going left to continue the mission, turn right and the Kalusa machine gun will be at the end of the path.

Reconciliation is the location of the Kalus Automaton in Destiny 2

In Reconciliation, the Guardians will have to advance further in the mission to find the next location of the Kalus automaton than was necessary for Shame. Continue the mission until the entire Cabal is defeated shortly before talking to Raven, when Uldren’s Nightmare Owl lingers over his head. Pulling the two switches to activate the power again, go to the other end of the corridor, from where three Psions appear. The Kalus Automaton from the second week of the Ghost Season can be found in the room where the Psions came from.

The location of the Grief Calus slot machine in Destiny 2

Although the Calus Automaton location for Sever – Grief is at the beginning of the mission, it can be easily missed if the Guardians do not pay attention to their surroundings. As soon as the mission begins, go into the garden, but instead of walking along the podium to the exit on the other side, pause as soon as the doorway appears. Turn right and look into the water to find the next slot machine. It is here that Kalus will eerily declare that the disputes of the Egregor connect him not only with all the automatons on the ship, but also with the abandoned Leviathan itself.

The location of the Kalus Forgiveness Machine in Destiny 2

The location of the Kalus Automaton from the fourth week of the Ghost Season is relatively close to the location of the robotic copy from the North – Mountain. Complete the mission and get to the point where you need to defeat the enemies before placing the first ritual booster.