Destiny 2: A Guide to the Lost Sector Legend K1 Logistics


K1 Logistics is a lost sector located on the Moon in Destiny 2, and it can be completed at the “Legend” or “Master” difficulty level. The Guardians will face a lot of mobile fallen enemies in the game. K1 Logistics is the simplest of the four difficult lost sectors on the moon, but players should not go there unprepared. Those who want to get exotic armor should go to the Archer’s Line region through the landing zone “Shelter” in Destiny 2.

K1 Logistics has an Abyss Burn that increases all damage dealt and received from the Abyss by 50%. However, the Guardians should know that there will be eight solar shields and three Ark shields. Players can use the exotic Arbalest Linear Fusion Rifle to deal with all types of enemy shields. In addition, there are anti-barrier projectiles in the weapon, ideal for barrier champions in the Lost Sector. In season 17, the Guardians can take the Hollow Denial Trace Rifle from Destiny 2 with them to stun the overload champion, as well as benefit from the burning of the Abyss.Gorenje Those who don’t take Arbalest should have a solar rocket launcher like Code Duello.

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The legendary version of K1 Logistics includes the Hot Knife modifier, which gives all the encountered Shanks a solar shield. They can do quite a lot of damage, so it’s best to kill them from afar. The complexity of the Master adds a Chaff modifier that disables the radar inside the activity. Fortunately, this is not too much harm, because enemies are easy to track in this lost sector. Before getting down to business, the Guardians should think about equipping the Abyss 3.0 subclass in Destiny 2, benefiting from the Abyss burn.

How to Become a Solo Legend and Master K1 Logistics in Destiny 2

When launching the Lost Sector, there will be a Fallen Overload Captain in the corridor on the left. The best way to destroy a target is to stun it with Overload Rounds, and then immediately switch to Power Weapon. However, it can be difficult to kill him because he teleports and restores his health. Before you fight the Barrier Servant at the end of the room, eliminate the enemies on the right side. Going up to the floor, you will see several rods with a solar screen and another overload champion. Stepping further into the room, the Explosive Shank will distract attention from the Barrier and the overload champion. There will be some vandal snipers, so kill them as soon as possible. There is another overload champion down the corridor to the boss room.

The last room can be overwhelming for Guardians in Destiny 2. The Servant boss is protected by a shield in the center of a wide-open arena. Upon entering the room, players can find a barrier servitor on the right side. Move to the left side for cover and focus on destroying the second Barrier champion at the back of the arena. After the Shanks in the middle is defeated, the boss becomes vulnerable. With an increase in health, the Servitor will teleport to different sides of the room. The boss can also temporarily make other enemies in the immediate vicinity invulnerable. Use the shelter wisely and destroy those who appear. Eventually, the K1 logistics will be cleared, giving the Guardians a chance to earn exotic armor. This Lost Sector is long, but a slow and methodical approach will ensure victory.


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