Despite The Terrible Reviews, “The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” May Have Done The Best It Could Have Done For Henry Cavill’s Departure From The Universe


In the end, it all comes down to DNA! Although many may want to punch us right in the stomach, but the elves and magicians from the Witcher universe will certainly agree with us in their views. The Witcher’s origin story was the cherry on the cake for fans, but it may not have lived up to their expectations. However, one good thing anyone can take from the prequel series is a strong hint of Henry Cavill’s “heroic send—off” from the fantasy series.

The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” is a set of really great fights and really playful swearing, but best of all it hints at how Cavill’s departure from monster—killing chaos might happen. And we are here to offer you the same.

The Witcher’s origin story hints at how Henry Cavill’s heroic Departure will happen
In an effort to destroy the powerful elven empire, a group of seven warriors creates their own beast to destroy the monolith created by the elves. While the wizard cousins first managed to create a prototype of the witcher, in the end, when the final battle between Fyall and the monolith takes place, the monster inside him completely takes over, forcing his beloved Ayla to kill him. The events of the OG series take place in a world where humans, labyrinths, witchers, elves and even monsters coexist due to the connection of spheres after about 1200 years.

It is noteworthy that showrunner Lauren Hissrich from the very beginning of the filming of the third season strongly stated that they would mainly revolve around the “Time of Contempt” arch. And from the existing two seasons, we also understand that Ciri Freya Allan, Geralt’s surprise child, is one of the few people who possess elder blood and, therefore, can use and destroy monoliths. However, she still couldn’t control this powerful magic and therefore could cause mass destruction. Thus, one of the possible options may be a major confrontation between the monoliths and Henry Cavill.

Will he save the world?

Another possibility facing Henry Cavill’s grand departure is that his surprise baby won’t destroy the world. Forces across the universe are aware of her elder blood abilities and are hunting her to use them to their advantage. One such rogue group is the Wild Hunt (a group of elves trapped in another world because of the Baron’s mage).

Thus, any of them can use Ciri, or the princess herself can cause the destruction of the world due to her inability to control her power, as the prophet Aile suggested: “The seed of the lark will bring the beginning of the first note of the song that ends all times and one of her blood will sing the last.” Therefore, Geralt Cavill’s heroic send-off may be an attempt to save the whole world.

What hints have you extracted from the history of the origin of witchers? Let us know in the comments below.


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