Despite the Hate: Netz-Star Jessy Bunny is happy with Lips XXL


She ignores hate! Jesse Bunny, as the Austrian influencer calls himself on the internet, takes his followers with him into his daily online life. There she not only tells how she has changed in recent years thanks to numerous operations, but also shows how people react to it. Because of the appearance, you have to hate a lot: Jesse hides criticism!

She makes it clear again and again under her Instagram posts. “I am often attacked online and offline because of my lips, and I just want to say: they are far from big enough,” Jessie wrote, for example, for a picture in which her mouth is the center of attention. Apparently, she often has to listen to comments about her appearance. At the same time, she indicates that she wants her lips to be even more sprinkled.

In one of the interviews, she told about the procedures already passed. Several breast augmentation surgeries, nose surgery, buttock augmentation and, of course, lip injections are on Jessie’s list – she did all this in a few years. Because in 2018, she looked very different. Dreams of becoming a doll.


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