Despite Covid-19, Shemar Moore is fine with drinks


Popular actor from the SWAT series, Shemar Moore, was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, but seems to be in high spirits, even with a few drinks.

Moore revealed on December 24 that he had contracted COVID-19. However, she managed to post some updates on Instagram while self-quarantining.

In his photo the actor is seen with a glass drinking what appears to be champagne, something that has surprised his followers, but things do not stop there.

Despite his challenges with the virus, it appears that he is in no way infringing on his sense of style, by posting another photo of him at his home.

The actor spent both Christmas and New Years in isolation while advocating for everyone to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines. He also posted a video on Instagram talking about the subject:

“2020 about to disappear, thank you, Jesus. 19 was tough. 20 was shit. 21 it won’t be easy to walk out the door, don’t twist it. But you know what? We will fight for that fun. Let’s fight. Covid is not a joke. Wear your mask, man, put that vaccine on. Do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family. ”

In spite of everything, Shemar Moore is very lively and cheerful, in which he has always said that he is struggling and that sometimes he has good and bad days with the virus.

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