Desperate Housewives: The temperament of one of its protagonists ruined the series


Teri Hatcher was once a reference in the world of fashion, she was listed as the sexiest woman and was even Superman’s girlfriend in one of her roles. Let’s find out the reasons that led to certain behind-the-scenes disputes with her companions in Desperates Housewives and that caused her career to plummet along with the series.

Fans of this series that took place between 2004 and 2012 and that had Teri Hatcher as a member of a cast of outstanding actresses, have been watching her now that far from all the controversy around the set with the most beautiful women and with 54 years On top of that, she is reinventing herself as a youtuber and left behind her role as Susan on the hit show Desperate Housewives, and now she has intensified the sharing of videos on her cooking and wellness YouTube channel, Hatching Change, 14,000 subscribers.

Making home videos teaching how to cook, travel and cleaning tips won’t be as profitable as starring in Desperate Housewives, when Hatcher and her co-stars amassed more than $624,000 per episode and hit the paparazzi’s eye and the carpets. red regularly. All thanks to the program created by Marc Cherry that became one of the most popular series of its time and turned its main cast into megastars, in addition to Hatcher, there was Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman, with whom It didn’t end very well.

For 8 seasons, Desperate Housewives told the life of these five housewives, where several mysteries about their husbands, friends and neighbors were discovered. A drama broadcast on ABC with touches of comedy, suspense and more that captivated the audience until 2012 when rumors of a breakup between the cast began to grow, and the situation behind the camera regarding Hatcher was already unsustainable for the rest. .

The animosity between Teri Hatcher and her co-stars stands out even years after she ended the series. And it is that the tension between Hatcher and the rest of the cast was evidenced in problems for the wardrobe, and sometimes even for who she would be in the middle of a photo. In fact, Nicollette Sheridan called Teri Hatcher “the baddest woman in the world” because of the way she acted. Also another companion of Hatcher, Eva Longoria, described Hatcher as “a loner”.

Added Longoria, “Marcia, Felicity and I were much closer because we’re just girly girls who like to be in each other’s company. Teri doesn’t.” In fact, she added: “Me and Felicity lived on the same street. (When her ex-husband Tony Parker was in town), Marcia and I would meet up with our husbands, those two are huge basketball fans. And Nicollette and I would go shopping all the time.”

Most recently, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Longoria discussed getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saying, “Felicity and Marcia will be at my star ceremony. Felicity will give a speech.” She told the host, “We’re really good friends,” prompting Kimmel to ask, “All of you?” Longoria said, “No,” “99% of us are,” which was a cheeky comment on Hatcher. Which is why fans nowadays hold Hatcher responsible for the end of the Desperate Housewives series.