Desktop Version of Facebook Messenger Gets Dark Fashion


Facebook, Messenger Beta’da previously brought dark mode with the new update began to release as a stable version. Along with the update, many innovations were added.

Facebook, which has more than 1 billion users in the world, previously brought the messaging application Facebook Messenger to desktop platforms. The company also released Facebook Messenger Beta, a version where users can try out new features.

Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Beta are now available for download from Microsoft Store to desktop platforms. Today, the company has released new updates for Facebook Messenger. With the update, both applications came with dark mode support.

Facebook Messenger came to dark mode:
Updates to Facebook’s desktop Messenger applications have not yet been released for everyone. The company slowly began to send the first stable version of Facebook Messenger through Microsoft Store. Along with the update, many enhancements have been added to the application except for dark mode.

With the new update, Facebook Messenger has left the OSMeta system. Thus, the total size of the application experienced a 100 MB reduction compared to the old version. However, Facebook Messenger now supports 64-bit processors and has gained a new icon. What’s new in the update, which previously included the dark mode in Facebook Messenger Beta:

Other features that came with Facebook Messenger update:
Permanently delete sent messages
New themes (Gray and dark)
Sending files
Hide chats
New icon
Updated emoticons

Let’s make a small reminder to install Facebook Messenger on your computer. The application only supports Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher and x64-architecture computers. If you have installed the latest version of Windows on your computer, you won’t have any problems.


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