Desktop Goose: Nervous Breakdown Guaranteed 3-MB Computer Game Only


An independent game developer named Samperson developed a game called “Desktop Goose”. This game adds a crazy goose to the desktop. Continuously chasing your mouse, the goose also displaces your windows and comes up with a Notepad while playing any game.

We have shared countless game news with you. The games we shared were more of a great developer. Now we will talk about a fun game prepared by independent game developer ” Samperson “. This game, called ” Desktop Goose “, is getting into trouble with a pixel by pixel.

Desktop Goose is a game currently only available on the Windows platform with a file size of about 3 MB. When you install this game, a goose is added to your desktop that is constantly moving and can be annoying at times. This goose constantly follows your mouse and tries to eat. When you grab it , the nuisance goose, which has not used your mouse for a while, replaces some open windows.

The abilities of the goose added to the desktop are not limited to these. Goose can appear on your screen suddenly while playing games . Moreover, the goose, which does not want to ruin your gaming experience alone, brings with it a ” Notepad ” application. Some messages are also waiting for you in this notebook.

You may be wondering why there is such a game or you might think that this game actually contains a virus . Also, when you try to download the game’s files, Google Chrome warns that the files to be downloaded are harmful. However, both critics and online antivirus software have not detected any viruses in these files .

If you want to download this fun goose game to your computer and have fun for a short time or have a nervous breakdown, you can use the link here . Also, if you have the opportunity to install this game on the computers of your friends you want to annoy, we are sure that a lot of fun images may appear.

Desktop Goose promotional video:


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