desire announces new album supported by johnny jewel


Megan Louise’s one-man giant orchestra Desire disappeared after releasing her first album of the same name in 2009. Informing that he is back after 11 years, Desire announced his new album Escape and released the first single with the same video with the music video.

The new album, which will be released under the label Italians Do It Better, was recorded by Chromatics members and also the producer of the record company Johnny Jewel. In addition to being the producer of the album, Jewel has also been behind the scenes for the music video of the first single Escape released.

We will have the chance to listen to the album, which has not given a specific release date, this summer. The music video for the 11-song Escape’s playlist and the first single title with the album is just below.


1.Broken Windows


3.Cold As Ice



6.Love Theme

7.Daughter Of The Moon


9.Black Latex

10.A Kiss In The Dark

11. Liquid Dreams


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