Designer recreates Ellie’s diary pages in The Last of Us Part 2


In The Last of Us Part 2, players can learn a little more about Ellie’s thoughts by reading the character’s diary, which brings some drawings and observations about daily life in Jackson and the progress of the plot, as well as detailing her current state. sentimental.

As a tribute to the title of Naughty Dog, a designer named Robert Simpson began redesigning the pages of the document, digitally recreating the game’s content for better viewing. The project is ongoing and is always published in a subtopic on Reddit.

Simpson is British and works as a game designer. To make the illustrations, he used Procreate software on his iPad, using an Apple Pencil to make the drawings.

As a result, the drawings actually appear to have been made on paper, with the artist even imitating the character’s handwriting.


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