Designer explains 40 thousand non-DualSense PS symbols


In an interview with The Verge, Yujin Morisawa, Sony’s art and design director, commented a little more about the manufacture of DualSense, bringing news about the implementation of the 40,000 PlayStation symbols on the PS5 controller and the intentions behind the revolution peripheral visual.

To present fans with the arrival of the new generation, Sony decided to totally transform the concept of DualSense, installing a microtexture in the entire external housing of the control. However, what attracted the most attention in the structure of the device were the hidden details, with thousands of squares, triangles, x and balls applied to the material.

According to Morisawa, the entire process was done by hand and meticulously measured so that the spaces between the icons were uniform, respecting only the randomness of the symbols. In this way, the art team found the perfect and modern balance for control, bringing more resistance, elegance, sophistication and non-slip ability, preventing players from feeling uncomfortable after a long time of playing.

“Actually, applying the symbols on the DualSense control was the easy part – because they are not applied at all. Each of these 40,000 symbols is part of the control case, created when melted ABS plastic beads are squeezed into small laser cut slits during the standard injection molding process, “said the director. “The design is optimized to keep the symbols intact as they come out of the mold.”