Design tools you can use for free! Here are the tools

The use of social media, which has become widespread today, leaves users to produce content to a certain extent. The content that almost every profile, small or large, wants to produce is of course possible with certain auxiliary design tools. However, the fact that many of these applications are paid can be annoying for those who like to produce content or do it as a hobby. For this reason, in this article, we have compiled free design tools that you can use for all your needs, from amateur to professional content production.


The design tool, which you can easily use from the web or mobile application, allows you to easily make the design you want with its free features.

Thanks to the many auxiliary tools it contains, it is possible to make arrangements through ready-made templates in Canva, which offers an easy use to transform any idea into any design you want.

Answering your every need from social media accounts to business card design, Canva makes it possible to show your creativity wherever you are with mobile application support.

Let us state that the design tool, which also has a premium version, can meet almost all of your needs.

You can visit Canva, which stands out with its easy and practical use, and you can start your creativity.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD, which is offered by Adobe, which produces the world’s leading graphic and media software, offers you unlimited usage possibilities as well as easy learning and stands out with its free feature.

XD, which allows the user to create whatever they dream of, can be used on both macOS and Windows. The design tool, which draws attention with its structure that can work in almost any system, continues to support users in doing great things with the updates and features it has gained continuously.

You can start using Adobe XD, which offers you all the possibilities from social media sharing to the design of a complex phone or web application, for free.


The design tool, known for its structure similar to Abode XD, meets all your needs from phone or web application to social media post just like XD.

The application, which stands out as a web-based vector editing and graphics tool, is free to use with macOS and Windows support. In addition, Figma, which has utilities for Android and iOS, also enables prototypes created for mobile applications to appear on mobile devices.

You can start using Figma, which focuses on the user interface and user experience, by downloading it right away.

Spline, which allows you to easily create and share three-dimensional designs, draws attention to its free and advanced features.

With Spline, which can be used in both macOS and Windows, it is possible to design an unlimited three-dimensional project. The design tool, which also has templates ready for production, is the best choice of the dreamers in terms of fast and practical use.

Offering limitless possibilities for the web, from real-time 3D text design to basic geometric shapes, the design tool lets you edit materials, import 3D models and more for free.

You can start making three-dimensional designs by downloading Spline, which allows you to transfer your creativity to three-dimensional designs.


The design tool Crello, which stands out with its Canva-like structure, pushes the limits of your creativity with its free use that allows you to make designs according to your own style.

Offering social media design and more, Crello also promises a practical user experience with ready-made templates.

There are multiple editing options such as photo editing, animation, design objects and sound. In addition, it should be noted that there is a paid version of Crello under the name of “Pro”. It is also possible to use the web-based application from your mobile phone.



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