The design of LG Velvet has become clear!


LG was expected to change its smartphone strategy for a long time. The new strategy of the company, which has not been able to maintain its popularity with the G3 series over the years, has been announced. LG G and V series will not continue and will come across completely renamed. The first 5G flagship LG Velvet design of these new series has also appeared!

The design of the new 5G flagship LG Velvet has become evident!
In order to regain its former popularity, LG is building its smartphone strategy from scratch. Although many different claims have been made before, new devices and explanations have confirmed this strategy. The company will bid farewell to the G and V series, offering its users new devices with more impressive names.

LG’s smartphone strategists said, “We will get away with familiar and alphanumeric definitions and come up with new and impressive names.” After this announcement, the new name was announced as LG Velvet. While flagship devices are expected within this name, it is said that there may be a middle segment device.

The company also stressed that the name of the new phone comes from touch feel, symmetrical structure and a smooth form factor. It is also said that it will come with a velvety structure as bright softness and premium softness. The raindrop camera design that was released overlaps with the reports.

Known LG Velvet features and details
While waiting for LG Velvet’s details to become clear in a short time, no official announcement has been made yet regarding the release date of the new device. The upper-middle segment device is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor. In this way, it will also support 5G connection.

The device, which is expected to come up with an unusual design, is aimed to reach the quality at an affordable price with the $ 700 price tag. We will continue to share with you the company’s new strategy and reports and official statements about LG Velvet.


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