DEPLOYED! Not Prince Harry, But Prince William Violated Royal Protocol For Two Commoners During His Wedding


Prince William was named the perfect big brother in April 2011 when he broke important royal protocol regarding Prince Harry. Various media outlets have suggested that the heir to the throne appointed his younger brother as his best man during the wedding with Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. It is noteworthy that the royal family did not adhere to the concept of the best man, as their supporters called them.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry repaid the Prince of Wales with the same title during his wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018 at St. George’s Castle. However, in his memoirs, “Spare,” Prince Harry explained that he was not Prince William’s best man. It was just a blatant Buckingham Palace lie. What is the story of the whole fiasco?

Prince William didn’t believe in Prince Harry

Describing the episode in detail in “Spare”, Prince Harry said that two simple friends of Prince William, Thomas van Straubenzee and James Mead, were awarded the prestigious honor of being best men. However, as the public expected the Duke of Sussex to be by his brother’s side, the Palace spread false information.

“The audience expected me to be the best man. Therefore, the palace saw no other choice but to say that I was. To tell the truth, Willie didn’t want me to give the best man’s speech. He didn’t think it was safe to give me a live microphone and give me the opportunity to deviate from the script,” Herzog said in an interview with Brides.

A member of the Sussex royal family has come to the defense of his older brother, saying that Prince William’s fears that he was saying something completely inappropriate were not wrong. The two royal brothers had a great conversation on this topic before the wedding, and Prince Harry agreed with the arrangement.

Meanwhile, despite the concern of the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Sussex shared a few warm words at the reception of the first. It was an emotional moment when Prince Harry recalled some of their favorite childhood memories, and also mentioned how their late mother, Princess Diana, would have been happy to see the connection between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Do you think Prince William did the right thing by not making his younger brother his best man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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