“Dependent”: Ilka Besin fell for the bait of love scammers


Ilka Bessin (50) recalls an unpleasant incident. Fans actually know the comedian as her character Cindy from “Marzana” (50), with whom she makes the audience laugh on stage. However, something less funny happened to her alone, which now I want to talk about in an open teleslave: Ilka has already fallen for a love fraudster who made her dependent.

A 50-year-old man openly spoke about this incident with RTL. — You fall in love, you get acquainted, you think, someday, you will grow old together, – Ilka began. You met a person on the Internet and contacted him. She was not deceived, “but fell in love and made dependent in some way” — until they asked her for money.

But there’s nothing to be ashamed of. “It can happen to anyone, and it’s not bad if we talk about it,” Ilka wants to clarify. It is not unreasonable for her that you will fall for this bait and possibly lose money: “If you have a love relationship, you write to each other, then, of course, you help him too.” In the Vox report “Ilka Besin — in the footsteps of love scammers” Ilka now wants to devote herself to this and explain it.


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