Denver Broncos sold for $4.65 billion: Fan reaction


Officially, officially. As of Wednesday, the Denver Broncos will soon have a new owner.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “theWalton-Penner family has agreed to buy the Denver Broncos for $4.65 billion.”

Rob Walton, of course, is the heir to the Walmart fortune with a fortune of $58 billion.

Fans reacted to the sale of the Broncos on social media.

“Welcome to Walmart. Let’s go.”

“Broncos fans will pay $19 for a great IPA at the Mile High store,” one user joked.

“I do not know if it is fair to think that Walton will work the same way as KSE, but if they do, I think it will be good,” said one fan from Denver. “Hire the right people, keep your hands off, go and win championships.”

“So Walmart can’t pay its employees enough to not need food stamps, but there’s no problem spending billions to buy a football team, TERRIBLE!!!”

“That’s more than twice as much as the Panthers were sold in 2018,” said former Jets CEO Mike Tannenbaum.

“Anyone who thinks the NFL deserves a dime of taxpayers’ money for a football stadium is a fucking ass,” another replied.

“My offer of $3.75 and a kiss on the lips, unfortunately, was broken,” another commented.

“To count from 1 to 4.65 billion, you will need at least 200 years without a break.”

It is reported that with Walton’s purchase of the Broncos, many NFL owners get what they wanted, since this is someone with experience managing the inherited company.