Dennis Quaid Expects Great Success from “Parent Trap” Costar Lindsay Lohan: “I will always talk to her”


This partnership connection. After working with Lindsay Lohan in the past, Dennis Quaid reflected on his ongoing relationship with the former child star.

The Texas native said he expects “really great things” from 35-year-old Lohan after her recent return to acting.

The Parent Trap, which premiered in 1998, tells the story of twins who accidentally reunite at a summer camp after being separated by divorced parents. Hallie and Annie (both played by Lohan) decide to try to reunite their mom and dad (played by the late Natasha Richardson and Quaid, respectively).

Against the background of her rise to fame, Lohan decided to take a break from her acting career due to personal problems. In 2021, the Mean Girls star returned to the spotlight with a Christmas movie for Netflix, which later turned into a two-movie deal with a streamer.

Meanwhile, Lohan continued to reflect on the creation of the “Parent Trap” and the subsequent success of the film.

“There were such cute and beautifully written moments, funny but just heartbreaking because it’s like you miss this person in your life and then finally have this person,” Lohan said during a virtual cast reunion in July 2020. “You forget… how much you miss people until you actually find yourself with them and don’t see them for a while. And I think these scenes really tear me apart.”

The Get a Clue star added: “When I put on long hair, I felt different. And it seems to me — I do not know if this applies to all actors — but as soon as you put a wig on someone, you will feel different. You step out of your comfort zone and become a different character. I feel like almost people treated me differently when I was Annie because Annie was so much nicer and Hallie was kind of like me.”

After the reunion, Elaine Hendricks also reflected on her connection with the actors after working on The Parent Trap.

“Lindsay was a little girl. Therefore, I never felt that I would keep in touch with her. It just wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for me. Dennis was married, so Lisa [Ann Walter] and I were a natural phenomenon,” the 51—year-old “Dynasty” actress, who played Meredith Blake in June 2021, told us. “Simon [Kunz], I’m still in touch. Maggie Wheeler, who played the younger Marva in the camp. I’m friends with her, and we’ve done a lot of charity shows together.”

Earlier this year, Lohan shared a nostalgic clip on social media about how she recreates a scene from a Disney remake. “Do you want to know the difference between us? I have a class, but you don’t,” the New York native lip—synced during a TikTok video in February.