Denise Richards Says She Can’t Judge Her Daughter Herself For Only Fans, Criticizes Charlie Sheen’s Lack Of Support



A demonstration of her support. Denise Richards can’t blame her daughter herself for creating an OnlyFans account—and she doesn’t think anyone else should.

Inside Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s Relationship with Teenage Daughters

“I have to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t have the self-confidence of my 18—year-old girl,” the 51-year-old graduate of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrote on Instagram on Friday, June 17. “And I can’t blame her either. choice. I did Wild Things and Playboy, and to be honest, her dad [Charlie Sheen] shouldn’t have either.”

The Starship Troopers actress praised her daughter for being able to “ignore the negativity at her age,” adding that she was “delighted with her ability to drown out noise”—it “took me many years, and I still struggle sometimes.”

The defense came less than a week after Sami announced on social media that she had started a new commercial venture. Shin, 56, exclusively told Us Weekly at the time that he disagreed with his daughter joining the NSFW website.

“It didn’t happen under my roof,” the “Two and a Half Men” actor told us on Monday. “I don’t approve of it, but since I can’t prevent it, I urged her to keep stylish, creative and not sacrifice her honesty.”

The Illinois native, for her part, only supported the initiative, telling us in a separate statement that “Sami is 18 years old, and this decision was not based on whose house she lives in. All I can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own choices.”

Richards said in a post on Friday that she “recently learned about OnlyFans over the past few months,” arguing that the perception of the site is hypocritical.

“This is a decision because there are men and women from the adult film industry involved. Well, I think they are on Instagram and Twitter,” she joked. “Is there a difference between posting your bikini photo in IG? We’ve done it all. Because you get paid on OnlyFans? I’m pretty sure IG, Twitter and Facebook are making good money for all of us. Is it so bad to control it and monetize it?”

The model concluded the lengthy statement with the consideration that she “can open her own account” if it means she will be able to “receive money” at “her age,” asking if the haters have something to hide.

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“Those of you who are so judgmental,” she wrote. “It looks like you may already have subscribed to an OnlyFans account. Have a nice weekend.”

The support of the “Bold and Beautiful” alum comes after several difficult years with her daughter. In 2021, the teenager claimed she was “trapped in domestic violence” with Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers. A month later, Shin confirmed that Sami had moved in with him full-time and was no longer going to school.

“I have a strained relationship with [Sami],” the “Real Girl Next Door” author said in February during an episode of the “Jeff Lewis Has Rules” podcast, adding that it is “very difficult” to impose “rules” on teenagers. “Although I know that in the end we will return to where we were. He’s tense right now.”

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Richards was able to reconnect with Sami in May when they spent Mother’s Day together, and a source told us that the duo “get along very well” and “enjoy” spending time together.

In a statement on Monday, the Wall Street star confirmed that Sami had returned and was “living with her mother.”