Denis Villeneuve’s new film Dune delayed until fall 2021


The film reboot of such a mythical science fiction saga delays its premiere in theaters by 10 months due to the current global crisis of the coronavirus.

Bad news for fans of science fiction movies; The long-awaited new adaptation of the Dune saga by Denis Villeneuve delays its premiere for no more and no less than 10 months. So much so, that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have announced that Dune will be released on October 1, 2021 instead of the date known until now, which was December 18. This is how Collider has shared it through an exclusive article.

The main premieres are going to 2021

And is that due to the current global situation of pandemic by the coronavirus, movie theaters do not expect to open normally until well into next year; That is why the main films scheduled for 2020 are gradually postponed as the months go by, in many cases, giving up this year with the aim of being released in 2021 and see if the situation improves definitively.

And it is that the most expensive and higher-budget productions cannot risk failing at the box office due to the limited capacity of movie theaters around the world, in many cases, with closed theaters, together with the fear of the general public to go to spaces closed with large capacities. Recall that many films have delayed their release to 2021, such as No Time to Die, Fast & Furious 9, the Marvel and Sony films or the start of Phase 4 of Marvel Studios, among many others. At the moment, the only blockbuster that remains with a release date for December 25 of this year is Wonder Woman 1984; We’ll see if Warner Bros. and DC don’t end up delaying it as well.

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First photo released from Dune adaptation directed by Denis Villeneuve

The Dune saga has had several representatives in the video game industry, the first of them being Dune from 1992, one of the most remembered. Cryo Interactive’s work for Amiga, PC and Sega CD, it was a mixture of adventure and strategy that followed the adventures of Paul Atreides. Dune II, released the same year, was based on Lynch’s film to offer a celebrated RTS, a title developed by Westwood Studios.

It was not until 1998 when Dune 2000 appeared, a kind of remake of Dune II by Westwood Studios with Intelligent Games, again, as RTS; it passed without pain or glory. In 2001 there would be new attempts to recover the franchise with Emperor: Battle for Dune and a peculiar action game titled Fr


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