Demon’s Souls showcases a few of the Main worlds


Demon’s Souls for PS5 stars in an unexpected State of Play where it shows several of its worlds and what the user interface looks like, among other elements.

PlayStation publishes by surprise a new episode of State of Play focused entirely on the figure of Demon’s Souls. The remake of the original From Software work shows a large part of previously unreleased footage for 12 minutes.

For the first time we see what the user interface looks like, which shows a modernized and minimalist look compared to what was seen in 2009. In fact, there are details that do not go unnoticed by veterans, such as the possibility of being able to see the wear of the weapons from the icon itself, in addition to the absence of dialogue when picking up an object. Zero interruptions in action.

The tour of the reimagined world of Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio is led by Gavin Moore, Creative Director of SIE Worldwide Studios. We can see the beginning of the first stone arch, which corresponds to the level Las Puertas de Boletaria. Between selecting the mission and starting the opening video, just 10 seconds pass. A strip that highlights the PS5 SSD drive.

The bulk of the video corresponds to that level, which is part of the postcard of the latest works directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Moore explains that the team wanted to stay true to the creative vision of the Japanese; That approach goes to the point where the original code of enemy routines is maintained. You will fight against the threats of Boletaria under the same rules as on PS3. On the player side, very subtle changes have been made to the weapon animations. The director alludes that they wanted to make each type of weapon feel unique. For example, that a Claymore had a more differentiated striking style than a two-handed long sword.

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The video tour, which you can find at the top of this news, takes us through different enclaves of the world, such as the Latria Tower or the Sanctuary of the Storm, among others.

Demon’s Souls will arrive on November 12 exclusively for PS5. To enjoy it in our country we will have to wait until November 19, when the fifth generation of PlayStation lands in the Spanish market.


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