Demon’s Souls Remake, the gameplay the first 18 minutes


Today (11), the long-awaited Demon’s Souls Remake PS5 embargo, developed by Bluepoint and a complete re-creation of the PS3 classic, falls. If you are curious about the game, the time has come: some channels are already posting the first minutes of gameplay, showing the game running in 4K (dynamic) and 60 fps on PlayStation 5.

At the beginning of the video, we see the cinematic introduction of shining the eyes and the creation of character, now much more elaborate, diverse and beautiful than the original experience, and soon we started the action, which starts with a tutorial and beautiful graphics (already that it is the first generation exclusive, without launch for PS4) and that show the potential of PS5. Check out:

Remember that the game is running in Performance mode, which implements dynamic 4K and aims at 60 fps on the Sony console. In addition to this mode, there is the Cinematic, which runs Demon’s Souls Remake in native 4K and at 30 constant fps.

Despite having extremely refined graphics that change the atmosphere to something photorealistic, Bluepoint recently revealed that the idea was to use the original source code of the game so that the experience was as close as possible to the original PlayStation 3 – which includes the high difficulty, as you can see in the gameplay deaths.

Demon’s Souls Remake arrives on November 12th exclusively on PS5.

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