Demon’s Souls Remake: Rumors Indicate PS4 Version


Demon’s Souls Remake: Anyone who is a fan of souslike games knows how incredible it was to see the arrival of Demon’s Souls Remake on PS5, whether because of the renewed visuals or simply because this is the first opportunity for many people to experience the game that started the wonderful series from From Software. Of course, the fact that it is exclusive to Sony’s next-gen console ends up limiting the audience that can access the game a bit.

This turns out to be made even worse by the fact that the PS5 is in short supply in most parts of the world, which means that even those who want and have the means to purchase the console may not have the chance to purchase the console for some time. So it wouldn’t be bad to see a version for other platforms, something that can happen if some rumors are correct.

As the Gaming Route website reported, the Twitter account known as PlayStation Game Size claimed to have found a mention of the PS4 version of Demon’s Souls Remake in its database. This could indicate that the game will be released on that platform, but it could also be a test edition for the developers or something they’ve given up on releasing at some point.

It’s worth remembering that we had already seen a rumor about this version of Demon’s Souls on PS4 as early as last year, when the game was listed on a Hungarian website. Of course, it can all be a string of errors, false rumors and coincidences, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of seeing Hidetaka Miyazaki’s game on platforms other than the PS5.


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