Demon’s Souls: PS5 Secret Door content revealed


This week, we posted here on Voxel a news item mentioning that Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 won a secret door that was puzzling players. It took a while, but someone finally managed to figure out how to open it to get their hands on the item she kept: an armor that many fans asked for in the original game.

A streamer known as Distortion2 exhibited in a live how he achieved this feat. For this, we need to lay hands on 30 Sparkly Ceramic Coins and exchange them for a key with the Sparkly Crow. It is important to open the door and get the complete set of Penetrator equipment.

Here is this feat taken directly from the transmission:

So, are you going to try to get that armor for your character? Leave your opinion in the space provided for comments.

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