Demon’s Souls, Primeras Impresiones PS5


We played the first few hours of the first great pure PS5 exclusive, a remake of the game that laid the foundation for what would become the Souls subgenre.

In 2008, PS3 was going through a very delicate situation. After dominating the video game market without question with an undeniable PS2, Playstation 3 became the burning wings of the icarus Ken Kutaragi. The father of Playstation had overcome countless barriers and obstacles to get Sony to move from disinterest to domination of the video game market, so many that he felt invincible. But the launch of the third iteration of the console was a monumental fiasco that severely damaged the economy of the multinational; Each unit sold was a slab in the accounts, the scale that was intended to reach with the Cell technology to offset the costs did not arrive and a steering wheel was necessary. Kutaragi retired and Kaz Hirai took over, and the company’s organizational chart was restructured to save PS3 and the Playstation brand itself (successfully, in the long run).

In the midst of such a complicated situation, Suhei Yoshida, ultimately responsible for Sony’s worldwide studios and one of the iconic figures in the Playstation family of recent years, made a mistake. At that moment of spinning especially fine with what to support or not internally in order to promote it around the world, he played an unfinished version of Demon’s Souls. After two hours he came to the conclusion that it was a horrible game, with serious framerate problems, a frigid pace and no hope of becoming a success. The game was from an independent studio but closely linked to the Playstation label such as From Software, which had developed a long list of titles such as King’s Field or Armored Core. SCEJ honored its role as a distributor with a low-key launch in Japan and waived rights outside the country, leaving From free to find another distributor overseas, something that cost her quite a bit until a then-independent Atlus made up her mind.

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The rest is history. Demon’s Souls became a cult game that revolutionized the landscape with its tone, rhythm, structure, architecture and ideas, including a little less than revolutionary multiplayer that would open our eyes to new possibilities beyond playing with other people, a great example Metanarrative and how to use the behavior of the players to give the world its own personality, and even to influence individual games. The creative foundations of this title would become the foundational foundations of Dark Souls under the Bandai Namco label, already as a multiplatform series. Yoshida stated that it was “one of his biggest mistakes”, one that he amended in part by signing Bloodborne exclusively with From Software, although it remains the question of what would have happened in a world where Demon’s Souls would have been a global success on Playstation 3 under the label. by SCE.

For all this it is curious that the new PS5 appears neither more nor less than with a remake of Demon’s Souls as a launch game. It is like a window to that world that could have been and surely the definitive vindication for the work that put Miyazaki in everyone’s mind, although at this point the director needs little vindication. Bluepoint, increasingly ambitious when it comes to planning their recreation work, dares with another sacred cow such as Shadow of the Colossus to present us with a beautiful recreation of the Boletaria rhenium.


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