Demon’s Souls: New Speedrun Reveals PS5 ‘Breaking’ Tricks


Demon’s Souls: The Souls games and their derivatives have always been darlings of speedrunners, after all, their mix of high challenge and multiple possible routes to explore fits in very well with the format’s appeal. The newest and most notorious race was made with the remake of Demon’s Souls, a PS5 exclusive game, and recorded by BertoPlease. Check out:

It is quite common to see speedrunners subverting some systems and mechanics to their advantage. For example, in Souls titles it’s common to see people loading and reloading their saves to recalibrate the world in their favor, but it takes another proportion on PlayStation 5.

During Summer Games Done Quick 2021, BertoPlease made use of activity cards accessible to PlayStation Plus subscribers to travel faster around the world, which was called the “pay to win” method by the community, as you have to pay to access the service.

Another trick used by BertoPlease was to quickly switch between performance and cinematic modes to intentionally break the console’s performance, decalibrating the collision system and speeding its way through some tricky areas.

While the video we’ve quoted is a far cry from your personal best (53:57 minutes versus 44:04 minutes), it’s a great way to get to know some of the most creative tricks used by the community. Did you already know these ways to reset Demon’s Souls? What did you think of this performance? Comment below!