Demon’s Souls for PS5: where to buy the game, price


The title from Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan is the first major PS5 exclusive to kick-start the generation. Only available on PlayStation 5.

The PS5 launch game catalog leaves us with a few exclusive titles for the PlayStation ecosystem, which will also have a version on PS4, but this will not be the case in Demon’s Souls, the long-awaited return of FromSoftware’s original 2009 work to inaugurate Sony’s fifth home machine. Let’s go over where to buy the game, its price, and the editions we have available.

Demon’s Souls PS5 Release Date: November 12

Although PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition arrive in stores this November 12 in countries such as the United States, New Zealand or Japan, in Europe – including Spain – we will have to wait until November 19. The peripherals and games of the console will be launched this Thursday, November 12, so those who buy it or have it reserved will be able to get it from this week in physical format.

As is often the case with PlayStation exclusive productions, we have two options: the traditional box and disc format or the digital format through the PS Store. In both cases the recommended price is the same, although as we will see below there may be changes depending on the distributor, offers, promotions, packs or editions.

In physical format we have different chains with a final price that varies from 69.99 euros in the case of Amazon; or the 79.99 euros in GAME, where they give a Reaper’s Scythe for the game. At Xtralife it is currently priced at € 72.95, while for € 79.99 we can get the game, a Souls T-shirt and an Artorias The Abysswalker figure. In MediaMarkt, for its part, it currently has a price of 69.90 euros.

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In digital format, the only alternative is the PS Store, which differentiates between the standard edition for 79.99 euros and the Deluxe Digital Edition for 99.99 euros, which also includes a red-eyed knight armor; Boletaria aristocrat armor; hoplite shield Ritual sword; lot of fragments and grains; soul of the legendary hero and the original soundtrack.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are just days away from hitting stores. On November 19 they will land in Spanish stores for those who have their unit reserved, although there will be more editions available soon. This is the confirmed release game catalog.


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