Demon’s Souls: find a door that is not in the game


The game from Bluepoint Games is now available exclusively for PS5. Despite not having included news, apparently, in reality there are.

Demon’s Souls is now available exclusively for PS5. The long-awaited remake of the original 2009 title will be made to pray in Spain and the rest of Europe until this November 19, when the console is launched, but players from other parts of the world have already begun to discover some of the mysteries that surround to this remake. Although we had been promised that we would not find news regarding the original in this return to Boletaria, the reality is that there are.

And, as some players report through forums and social networks, this reimagining of Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan of Demon’s Souls hides a door that was not in the PlayStation 3 video game. Specifically, it is a door located at level 1-3 that failed to open; I’m not even trying to see what’s beyond with Photo Mode.

Hopefully in the next few days or weeks it will be discovered what lies beyond that wall, if there is anything, and where it leads. It is a situation surrounded by unknowns: there are no indications on how to proceed with its opening. When you try to open it, the screen indicates that it is a blocked step.

Demon’s Souls, the first great PS5 exclusive, arrives this November 19 in Spain

Gavin Moore, creative director of the game, assured in an interview with MeriStation that his objective was for “our vision to remain faithful to the game and to the original vision [of FromSoftware]. It has been really important for us: that this vision is not altered too much ”. Now we understand what he meant. “We had a lot of conversations regarding what we wanted to add to the game and what we didn’t want to add,” he said.

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Demon’s Souls is beginning to garner very positive notes across the globe. In the absence of more analysis – ours is on the way – the game has a score above 90 on Metacritic and ranks as the highest-rated launch title of this new generation of consoles. European players can start playing this Thursday, November 19, exclusively on PS5.


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