Demon’s New Gameplay Video Released


The new gameplay video of Demon’s Souls, which will be one of the launch games of PlayStation 5, has been released. The video reveals the game’s deadly atmosphere and impressive graphics.

Gavin Moore, the creative director of third-party game studios at Sony, wrote a new post on the PlayStation Blog and shared a new gameplay video for one of the PlayStation 5 exclusive games, Demon’s Souls.

While Moore talks about browsing the wastelands of Stonefang, one of the five kingdoms of Demon’s Souls, in his new gameplay video; He expresses that the sound of the anvil and hammer never ends in the huge lava caves where the damned miners dig dragon bones.

According to Moore, the previous gameplay video shows a portion of the game that can only be played with sword and shield, while the new video features Stonefang’s deadly atmosphere, where not only enemy creatures but even the game’s own world will be the enemy of the players.

According to the announcement, in Stonefang, players will have to adapt to the environment and will have to make the right decision about when to attack the enemy from close and when from afar. Having the right equipment will also be critical to victory, as skills will have a limit even if the players made the right decision.

Stonefang will also bring Armored Spiders and Flamelurkers back. Sparks and unforgiving flames will be everywhere in these battles that will revive the memories of former Demon’s Souls players. Gavin Moore is confident that Demon’s Souls will deliver just the atmosphere and gameplay the players imagined. We will have the chance to see how real this is on November 12th.

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Demon’s Souls gameplay video


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