Demonic: indie sci-fi horror movie gets scary trailer


Demonic, an independent horror and science fiction film, has been given a new trailer. The low-budget production, led by District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp, ​​follows a woman’s journey into a mysterious medical facility to approach her mother, responsible for horrific homicidal attacks and has since been interned.

To understand the reasons that led to the violent acts, the young woman must participate in an experiment that makes a simulation inside her mother’s mind. Such action promises to reveal a possible control of supernatural forces and encounter with entities, which can generate hallucinations and release demons to the real world.

The scenes that take place in the simulation were filmed using a new three-dimensional volumetric capture technology. She is able to transform actors into geometric objects — with a visual similar to Second Life game graphics —, a method that should be incorporated into the central plot of the film.

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The attraction was developed in secret and recorded during the pandemic last year. The cast will consist of Carly Pope (Elysium), Michael Rogers (Siren), Chris William Martin (The Vampire Diaries) and Nathalie Boltt (Riverdale).

The horror film marks the return of Blomkamp, ​​who sought to deliver a story made on a considerably smaller budget than his usual large-scale, special-effects Hollywood productions. Despite this, the director has already delivered several short films developed with more limited resources.

Demonic is slated to hit theaters and on digital rental platforms on August 20th. In addition to this release, the filmmaker is already working on other projects, such as the feature Inferno and a possible sequel to District 9.


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