Demon Souls | DualSense technology in PS5


The director of Sony Japan explains how they will take advantage of the haptic feedback functions of the new PlayStation 5 controller in the game.

Demon’s Souls will take advantage of the DualSense on PlayStation 5 to make it an “integral” part of the experience. This is how Gavin Moore, creative director of the game, defines it in the latest issue of PlayStation Official Magazine. The manager, who captains the most profound truly exclusive video game at the console launch this November, believes they have succeeded in integrating the controller as part of the gaming experience.

Remake of the original FromSoftware title in 2010, Moore explains that they will use the adaptive trigger options to offer different sensations. For example, when we attack with one type of weapon or another, or if we do spells and magic, we will have a specific sensitivity when taking control thanks to haptic feedback.

Sony already explained in the past that holding a bow was not going to be the same as shooting with a shotgun; Something similar will happen in Demon’s Souls, with specific vibrations that will vary when we parry, since the controller will give a direct response. All in all, these little details will give the gameplay a special depth that, as he himself points out, will be an “integral” part of the game.

Demon’s Souls will go on sale exclusively for PS5 on November 12 (Europe November 19) at a suggested retail price of € 79.99.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will arrive in Spain on November 19

All PS5 units will come with a DualSense unit, which will weigh 280 grams and feature a longer battery life than the PS4 DualShock. Its connection will be USB-C with Bluetooth 5.1 and details that we have known this past weekend after the first on-site tests of Japanese players.

PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition will go on sale on November 19 in Europe at a price of 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively. In North America, Japan and Mexico the console will hit stores a week earlier, on November 12. The reserves of the two models are already open, although they have been quickly exhausted. Here we review the launch catalog with the confirmed games.


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