Demon Slayer: Studio Ghibli Sees Anime as Rival, Says Producer


Demon Slayer franchise has been gaining ground in the anime world with its recent cinematographic products, surpassing even Studio Ghibli, one of the largest animation studios, internationally recognized and responsible for the creation and exhibition of the most well-known anime today.

The success is such that the co-founders of Ghibli consider the production a direct rival, due to the battle waged to conquer the popular first place again.

In a recent report given to one of the Japanese television network’s programs, Fuji Television, Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki clarified some points previously discussed with Hayao Miyazaki, also co-founder of the animation studio.

Suzuki claims that he did not watch the anime and did not even read the manga on which the franchise was based, however, he heard many people comment on the Kimetsu no Yaiba series and concluded that “such an anime will be a success”.

Suzuki further confirmed that Miyazaki recognized Demon Slayer as a rival to Studio Ghibli. As a result, Hayao interrupted his retirement to produce the studio’s next animation and outperform his competitor’s new film, which is currently the world’s leading box office in the segment.

The successes of Demon Slayer

The series Kimetsu no Yaiba, launched in 2019 and already having its second season confirmed, addresses the story of Tanjiro, a young man who had his family killed by a demon, and his younger sister, a survivor of the attack, who was turned into a demon. As a result, the young man decides to hunt demons to avenge his family and recover his sister.

In turn, the film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is a sequel to the anime series. Directed by Haruo Sotozaki and scripted by Koyoharu Gotouge, the animation has received positive reviews not only for its narrative and execution, but also for its technical quality, a determining factor for the franchise’s boost to the anime box office podium.


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